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What is a touch screen machine

by:Toponetech     2020-06-20
Is a LCD touch-screen machine, touch screen, mainframe computers, audio, and so on equipment integration in one high-tech electronic touch product, also is a kind of computer products, because it has all the functions of the computer, and does not have the function of the conventional computer, the operation is simple, powerful, easy to install. With the own characteristics, the application of touch screen machine on the market is very popular, has widespread application to many fields in a wide range of industries. So, with the ordinary computer touch screen machine product what difference? Here, let the crown teck we from appearance, configuration, function and application of these four aspects to explain. 1, appearance: ordinary computers, including desktop and notebook computers, one of the most common size on the 14th. 5 inches to 22 inches; And the touch screen machine is divided into multiple, one kind is hanging on the wall, a is directly on the ground, the size of such a touching all-in-one basic covers all sizes of ordinary computers, at the same time increase the larger size, such as more than 32 inches. 2, configuration: ordinary computer configuration generally includes host and liquid crystal displays, for laptops, merge into a whole; And touch all-in-one configuration in addition to including host and liquid crystal display, also increased the touch screen, and will merge into one. 3, functions: the function of the ordinary computer need to use external when using the mouse or the keyboard to operate; And after electrify, touch-screen machine can directly on the computer screen area through the fingers, as to what support system, such as completely determined by the internal host configuration, has nothing to do with the machine itself. 4, application: most purposes are similar, such as office and home, but the different is that as industrial intelligent display terminal, touch all-in-one main application fields in the business field, and the main use computer field in the family, office, etc. Believe that with the continuous development of science and technology, our computer will be constantly updated products, touch-screen machine also will be more powerful, also will be more and more wide application field.
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