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What impact will winning the bid at the lowest price have on the development of the LED display industry?

by:Toponetech     2021-04-24
In the past, domestic LED display manufacturers were keen on overseas trade, but in recent years, some LED display companies focusing on overseas markets have returned to the domestic market. In the process of development of Chinese touch display manufacturers, they have received strong support from national policies, and the huge domestic market has provided companies with broad development space. Therefore, the LED display industry has developed very rapidly. However, many problems have appeared in the process of rapid development of our industry, which has laid hidden dangers for the subsequent sustainable development. Among them, the most obvious problem is the lowest bid winning problem. What impact will winning the bid at the lowest price have on the development of the LED display industry? Objectively speaking, winning the bid at the lowest price does not exist in a certain industry, but is a common problem in all major industries, and it cannot be reversed by the will of the enterprise itself. Although winning the bid at the lowest price is abhorrent by companies, because it is a natural product of the current business environment, companies knowing that it is harmful and unprofitable, they can only bite the bullet and participate. Because no matter how low the price is, someone will do it, and if you don’t do it, you will have no chance. However, winning the bid at the lowest price is very harmful. It will encourage enterprises to be shoddy, leading to a decline in the quality of products and engineering construction. The result is the survival of the fittest and the inferior. In actual operation, the winning bid price is often far lower than the cost price. In this case, it is very easy to cause companies to cut corners, thereby burying potential safety hazards. You get what you pay for. For engineering products such as LED displays that involve a high amount of money, the amount involved in the bidding process is often large. Before the lowest bid price, it is often unscrupulous and involves hidden costs (such as public relations). The cost) is very high. Moreover, many LED display projects are mainly based on government bidding. In the bidding process, in the face of local economic protectionism, there may still be problems such as bid control, and there is a certain degree of exclusivity in the bidding process. As a result, the company has worked so hard, and in the end, even if it gets the project, it can only be shoddy if it is profitable. In many cases, when a project is completed, it has become a profitable business at a loss. In the market environment where the lowest price wins the bid, it is difficult to guarantee the quality of many projects built by LED displays. The LED display screen has done many engineering projects in the early stage, and the various quality problems that have resulted directly lead to the customer's crisis of trust in the LED display screen. Don't you see, in the process of cleaning up outdoor advertisements in major cities across the country in recent years, LED displays are almost inevitable? It can be seen that winning the bid at the lowest price is extremely detrimental to the development of LED displays. It not only increases the burden on enterprises and reduces profit margins, but more seriously, it greatly restrains the innovation ability of enterprises. So how do our LED display manufacturers respond?
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