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What Impact Will the Application of Capacitive Touch Screen in the Man-machine Industry Have?

What Impact Will the Application of Capacitive Touch Screen in the Man-machine Industry Have?


The 21st century is an era of intelligence. If you master high technology, you can grasp the future. Technology can continue to drive economic development, and it also have a certain position in the world. The emerging capacitive touch screen should be used in more and more scenarios because of the development of technology. For example, in airports, bus stations, or in some daily shopping malls, it will be used more. There are also some advertising, meals, ATM, tourist attractions, etc., which can be applied to it, which is its advantage.

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In the automation industry, some industries that did not use man-machine interaction are now gradually beginning to use it and are moving in the direction of touch screens. Customers pay more attention to the experience of equipment operation, the convenience of use, high efficiency, high productivity, system stability, and connectivity. The freedom of communication is a sign of a truly open man-machine interaction solution. The man-machine interaction of the touch screen can better reflect the status of the equipment and process, and bring more intuitive feelings through vision, while the operation is changed from the original compact operation. The panel is operated on an industrial computer or directly through the touch screen, which brings a simpler and more convenient operation experience.

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Touch screen intelligent-controlled products are not just a stable and accurate control product, it is a combination of control and display, and through the combination of touch screen display solutions and the hardware to software, from the core unit to the auxiliary unit innovation, it brings more advanced and convenient functions, provides users with comprehensive solutions. With the development of science and technology and the popularization of daily touch screen electronic products, industrial users have taken inspiration from touch screen smart phones, tablet computers and other products, and have also begun to create man-machine interaction using touch screens.

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Of course, touch screen intelligent-controlled products are not yet common in various industries. Some relatively mature industries with decades of development history, such as machinery industry, machine tool, textile machinery, heat treatment processing industry, etc., have a need for equipment replacement or equipment upgrades. In this process, many companies will definitely find the development trend of the industry, in which to improve the comprehensive competitiveness of the equipment, and find the core competitiveness of the company.

Because of the emergence of this demand, Top One Tech will seize this opportunity for development, make decisions ahead of the industry, and make changes in the development of equipment, not only in human-machine interaction, but also in the direction of intelligence, integration, etc. also needs to find out the development trend and make changes to adapt to the development needs of the future industry.

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