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What features of the industrial tablet machine, is the key of building smart workshop solution?

by:Toponetech     2020-06-25
Along with the advancement of intelligent manufacturing process in our country, and the development of smart brought about by the 'bonus', in addition to the family like gree, TCL, konka, such as laser bibcock of the entities manufacturing production automation itself seriously, nowadays more and more small and medium-sized entities manufacturing companies are also added to the force of building. Predictably, the future of intelligent manufacturing is still the main center of industrial development direction in China, the market potential is enormous. At the same time, under the huge needs of the development of intelligent manufacturing, support behind its affiliated industry will also get new development opportunities. Touch display device is essential as intelligent manufacturing control equipment, will also is bound to usher in a broad market prospect. Crown teck as focus on industrial automation touch display power equipment manufacturer, has accumulated rich experience in industry, and based on the summary of the demand for users, for many years in terms of intelligent manufacturing, built a series of solutions, to help users to better realize the automatic, digital and intelligent production. Intelligent manufacture the series solution for the present crown teck manufacturing full range of solutions, contains a smart workshop, industrial robots, machine vision detection, numerical control machine, mobile robots ( AGV automation unmanned forklift truck, electric sorting robots) Complete solution, wisdom, logistics, etc. , and has successfully built many large classic case, and gain the recognition of a large number of users and trust. Photo network invasion delete these solutions have packaging has been involved in field testing equipment, food processing industry, intelligent equipment, automated production equipment, heavy machinery manufacturing industry, electrical industry, ship industry, information integration industry, and many other industrial fields. Only through touch display device, can help the user to realize real-time monitoring, management, production data at the same time according to the collected data analysis, not only can improve the production management efficiency, also can be set up to predict sudden fault early warning, avoid sudden accident bring efficiency loss. Crown teck today, then, we, together with you first about intelligent manufacturing a full range of solutions - intelligent workshop. Look at how industrial tablet machine power intelligent workshop to achieve more efficient management! Crown teck workshop solution 1) Smart workshop user requirements: according to the experience of some cases, most of the users of intelligent workshop, for production line running time is long, work on the stability of the industrial tablet machine performance has higher requirements; At the same time, because of the diversity and complexity of the production line, the industry has flexible flat machine installation, in order to save installation space at the same time, also can bring a better experience. 2) Solution application products: universal industrial plate crown teck three generation all-in-one 3) Solution focus on product features: (1) most intelligent workshop users, the system requirements for industrial tablet machine, mainly for the Windows system, can satisfy the user see drawings, DRP, acquisition system and the scanning gun application scenario use; , (2) the configuration for intelligent workshop users, like a crown teck, three generations of machine most USES standard: Intel celeron J1900 quad-core 2. 0 g standard configuration, can satisfy the using demand; (3) in the mode of installation, the most intelligent workshop users choose the cantilever, the inverted type industrial installations, more beautiful and save space. Among them, the cantilever installation use, the user can will stay in any position casual industrial tablet machine, need not when to move to other place. 4) Solution benefits: crown teck used industrial company 15 'three generation flat all-in-one PC, it has strong anti-interference, dustproof, waterproof, corrosion resistance, resistance to vibration, and other functions, can satisfy the super-long standby stable under the complicated production environment. Factory real-time data acquisition, quality monitoring, monitoring efficiency, interaction, guarantee the smooth and efficient production process, for enterprises to create efficient, lean, visual workshop.
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