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What factors determine the price of the touch screen query all-in-one machine

What factors determine the price of the touch screen query all-in-one machine


More and more applications of touch screen query kiosks appear in shopping malls, banks, public places and other places, greatly improving the convenience of people's lives. Businesses have gradually seized opportunities in this market.

It is an all-in-one computer with the functions of human-computer interaction and smart display. It is mainly composed of four hardware parts: LCD screen, touch screen, computer host, and cabinet-type housing. The size on the market is between 18 inches and 98 inches. The function is very powerful, can be connected to many devices, and can be used in many fields of various industries. There are many touch all-in-one machines on the market at present, and they are basically not much different from the appearance. However, when you compare the prices, you will find that they are different. Even if the two machines have the same parameters and the same size, there is a certain gap between their prices. So, what factors determine the price of the touch screen query all-in-one machine?

Pros and cons of the display

There are many types of touch screen displays. The brands and supply channels are different, and the prices will vary. Among them, LED displays and LCD displays are prevalent. These two displays also have different prices, so choose different displays, the price will be different, when buying a display, you can ask the merchant to know which display is configured.

Touch technology is different

The touch screens of commercial vertical touch all-in-one machines can be divided into four types: infrared touch technology screens, resistive touch technology screens, capacitive touch technology screens, and electromagnetic touch technology screens. The most common is the capacitive screen. But no matter what kind of touch screen, it is completely isolated from the outside world, is not afraid of dust and water vapor in the working environment and can adapt to various harsh environments. The appropriate touch screen can be selected according to different places of use. The price of different types of touch screens is different, which will affect the price of touch all-in-one machines.

Host configuration level

The configuration of the touch host is also an important factor affecting its price. The configuration level and the difference of the host system will directly determine the operating speed of the touch screen query all-in-one machine, and the running speed will also affect the user experience. At present, the touch screen all-in-one machine mainly has two systems, one is the Android system and the other is the WINDOWS system. Of course, the Android system is cheaper. For WINDOWS systems, the specific CPU, memory, and hard disk are different, and the price is also very different. The higher the configuration, the higher the price of the touch screen all-in-one machine.


Generally, equipment with larger dimensions tends to be more expensive, which is basic. Not only because the price of the screen has increased, but also because of the larger size, many performances of the device will occur.

Style appearance

The appearance of touch screen all-in-one machines will be more. At present, the conventional styles include wall-mounted touch screen all-in-one machines, vertical touch screen all-in-one machines, and horizontal touch screen all-in-one machines their prices are a little bit different. But if it is a customized machine, the price will be more expensive, because the cost of materials and design is also increasing.

Expanded functions

In addition to the above factors, there are many other factors, such as whether to install a camera, what interface the all-in-one uses, etc., whether the appearance is customized, which will also affect the price of the all-in-one touch screen. Of course, in addition to the main factors, there are some other factors. Factors will also change the price of the machine. There will be some differences in other accessories, but the overall effect is not big. Therefore, users must be cautious when choosing products and don't be greedy for cheap.

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