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What exactly is the entry-exit inspection and quarantine of the LED display?

by:Toponetech     2021-06-20
my country's LED electronic display technology has gradually matured, but due to many factors, there are still many problems in the quality of newly installed display screens. Some display screens are out of light and the mosaic phenomenon is serious; some screen images are fuzzy and rough; some display screens require endless repair and maintenance.  One of the main reasons for these undesirable phenomena is that the quality of the is not in place. At present, the quality of my country's still needs and further improvement. In this regard, this article briefly introduces the quality standards of my country's industry, and on this basis, conducts a single brief analysis of the factors affecting the quality of LED full-color display screens, hoping to promote the improvement of the quality of my country's screens.   industry quality standard  'General Specification' is the main technical basic specification of my country's display technology. It is fully suitable for LED indoor and outdoor text, graphics, video and other graphic displays. Its content consists of eight parts: scope, normative references, terms and definitions, classification, requirements, inspection methods, inspection rules, packaging, transportation, storage, etc.  The requirements part put forward 10 main requirements including: hardware environment, software environment, structure and appearance, safety requirements, function, electrical characteristics, power supply, environmental adaptability and reliability.   quality requirements  (1) brightness requirements  brightness is an important indicator of display quality, the brightness of the display is mainly determined by the luminous intensity of the LED and the arrangement density of the display. Some screens are installed on very high external walls, and the installation angle of the LED screen also affects the luminous intensity of people's eyes on the screen. SJ/T11141-2003. The general specification of LLD display screen defines the brightness of the screen as the intensity of light per unit area of u200bu200bthe screen.   LED screen display colors are monochromatic, two-color and full-color. The use environment can be divided into indoor and outdoor two kinds, and different colors and environments have different parameter requirements for LED displays. The indoor full-color requires a brightness of 800cd/m2, while the outdoor full-color requires 1500cd/m2. Such brightness can basically guarantee the screen image display policy. In recent years, the various technologies of screens have been further developed, and both the materials used and the communication technology have become more mature. As a result, the requirements for the luminous efficiency of the screens produced by manufacturers have also been greatly improved.   (two) chromaticity requirements    has the characteristics of color reproduction. Some manufacturers do not realize the advantages of the wide color gamut of the , and blindly pursue the high brightness of the screen. As a result, the color of the produced is distorted and the display is dazzling, and sometimes the information playback will make the audience uncomfortable.   Therefore, when the screen is produced, its color index needs to be evaluated. If the color index can meet the corresponding requirements, then the color matching is appropriate and will not cause discomfort. The temperature measurement of the correlated color temperature and chromaticity coordinates of the center position of the full-color needs to be less than 6500K, which can avoid the color of the full-color from being too cold, and the measured correlated color temperature is not greater than the specified range.  (3) Environmental protection and safety requirements  Because the use of displays is often in different situations, different environments have different safety requirements for LED displays. The main safety standards include: grounding, leakage current, temperature rise and dielectric strength. The most important of these four items are the leakage current and dielectric strength requirements. The number of outdoor LED displays is much higher than that of indoors. Indoor screens require low environmental adaptability, while outdoor displays are much higher than the environmental adaptability requirements. Because they are installed in different regions and in different environments, outdoor display screens should be able to withstand long-term effects in harsher environments, such as wind, rain, and earthquakes, and they must also be able to ensure normal use in high and low temperature environments. Conclusion: In my country, screens are widely used in advertisements issued by major media and information notifications from traffic management departments, and have a large audience. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the quality of large LED screens. Manufacturers must pay attention to brightness requirements, chromaticity requirements, energy efficiency requirements, and environmental protection and safety requirements to meet the requirements of use and extend the life cycle of the product.
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