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What do you need to know to customize a special-shaped LED full-color display?

by:Toponetech     2021-05-12
LED display screens are in a stage of rapid development and growth. Nowadays, the LED display market is showing great changes. In addition to the traditional information display and other functions, the requirements on the appearance are also further improved to make it better The overall structure and use requirements of adapting to the environment have resulted in LED special-shaped display screens. What do you need to know about custom shaped LED display? Compared with conventional LED displays, LED special-shaped screens pay more attention to structural breakthroughs. At present, LED special-shaped screen soft modules mainly have spherical, arc, circular, cylindrical, and triangular structures. Compared with conventional LED full-color displays, LED special-shaped screens are more suitable for users with special needs, and are currently mainly used in performing arts venues, outdoor media, exhibition hall squares and other environments. The spherical LED display has a 360° full viewing angle and can play videos in all directions. You can feel good visual effects at any angle without the problem of flat viewing angles. At the same time, it can also directly map spherical objects such as the earth, football, etc. to the touch display screen according to needs, which makes people feel vivid and is widely used in museums, science and technology museums, and exhibition halls. Nowadays, in the LED display market, in addition to the traditional information display role, consumers' requirements on appearance are also further improved, and the birth of special-shaped LED displays can meet their requirements. As a relatively novel display form, LED special-shaped screen has its unique display charm, and more and more people will realize its superiority in display. Coupled with the diversification of products to meet Gu's individual needs, more and more users have recognized the special-shaped screens, which is also an indispensable factor for LED special-shaped screens to enter the mass market.
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