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What Can Be Customized on the Touch Screen?

What Can Be Customized on the Touch Screen?


Generally, when customers need touch screens to match the products they manufacture, most of touch screens need to be customized. Like the most conventional capacitive touch screen customization, they basically require changes in appearance and materials.

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Be Customized on the Touch Screen

Customized service is a characteristic service that Top One Tech has been providing for customers. We have a professional R&D team. You only need to tell us the project requirements and plans. We provide you with touch screen solutions. Our engineers will implement product design, prototype production and testing to ensure that high-quality products are delivered as soon as possible.

Top One Tech not only has customized touch screen services, but also customized touch monitors and touch all-in-one computers. If you are not sure about the specific customized service, please see the detailed introduction below.

Customized Touch Screen

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Appearance customization:

Color, size, material, installation method (suspended, back-mounted, wall-mounted), appearance design (special shape), power switch position, etc.

Screen customization:

Spot size: 7/10.1/10.4/12.1/15/15.6/17/18.5/19/21.5/22/23.6/23.8/24/27/32/43/49/55 inch wide screen, other different sizes can be customized, support Super large screen customization.

Can be customized to meet the needs of high resolution, full viewing angle, high brightness, adaptive brightness, etc.

Custom Touch Screen

Interface customization (touch display):

Standard: HDMI/VGA/USB/DVI/audio input/audio output/power interface

Customizable: DP/aviation power interface/COM (touch)

Performance customization:

High and low temperature resistance, outdoor dustproof and waterproof, anti-interference, anti-vibration, anti-corrosion

OEM/ODM customization:

Support OEM products (one can also be customized), OEM, manual

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