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What brings us a theory of touch screen industry

by:Toponetech     2020-05-15
Since the iPhone, in the production of touch screen industry also will rise. Crown teck is an enterprise specializing in the production of capacitive touch screen technology. At present, the production of capacitive touch screen - — OGS (professional said The integration of touch) Enterprises are nearly all in China, such as the iPhone touch screen basic by Taiwanese manufacturers supply. The crown teck's goal is in touch industry field to do the top three domestic. Let us to go to the industry, to see what this emerging industry brought much change to our life. Touch screen industry into the request is very high although touch screen industry rise up soon, but the crown teck's confidence in the future market very firm. Founded in 2008, the crown teck, but the economic crisis of 2008 to let him start thinking about the traditional industry. 'At that time, the traditional industry is very clearly in decline, if continue to do a similar technology content is not high, threshold and low industry entrants, living space is sure to more and more small, crown teck must make better choices. 'I have been very concerned about the electronic science and technology, through the friend introduced just have a ready-made team, after all, after decided to do a touch screen. 'Crown teck's science and technology is a phase ii trial production at the end of 2012, crown teck dropped more than 3, heavy assets, capital and high technology determines the industry very high into the line. Not only that, in the later production process, the innovation of the new technology upgrade cycle is very short, in order to meet the needs of end products. Full touch for the future of the world from our naked eye view, touch screen is only a thin craft glass, but under the special machine, glass of circuit are revealed. Crown teck Huang Gong technology staff, touch screen all circuit has formed on the glass, qualified products, unless the glass broken, otherwise the whole piece of touch screen is never damaged, 'we usually are generally display mobile phone touch block. A few decades ago, when we use the 'big brother' sure didn't think of mobile phone can also now. Also, we cannot predict decades later today what is the use of science and technology will be presented. 'In this industry, at present can predict the ideal is we use in our everyday life, table, desk, mirrors, etc can realize intelligent touch. In intelligent family, a desktop is a touch screen, click on the desktop can achieve intelligent home appliance control, intelligent lighting control, electric curtain control, burglar alarm, access control intercom, etc. , may all things can be done in your table. 'Crown teck says the next will be to produce a kind of suspension touch screen, especially for winter wear gloves when you don't have to take off their hands to mobile phones, the fingers do not need to touch screen operation is to accomplish. 'As long as we still need to use mobile phones, the industry will have always existed, integration will touch to home appliance, automotive, industrial control, Such as bank POSS machine) Extension, etc. ”
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