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What aspects need to be considered when purchasing a touch all-in-one computer?

What aspects need to be considered when purchasing a touch all-in-one computer?


As a new and popular product, the existence of touch all-in-one computer is a complete surprise to those who love electronic products to a certain extent. People can use such devices to achieve operations required in different scenarios, and can also achieve specific functions in some specific places. Such a touch all-in-one computer will definitely bring great help to our life. So what should you pay attention to when buying a touch all-in-one computer?

First of all, the size of the touch all-in-one computer must be considered. Why do I say that? Because if there is a need to buy a touch all-in-one computer, then it must be necessary in some occasions, such as common banks, they will buy a touch all-in-one computer to provide people to inquire about business, but if the size is very small, often people feel uncomfortable.

43 inch Touch all-in-one computer

At present, touch all-in-one computers in the size range of 45 to 65 inches are popular in the market. This size feels very good, so it is wise to choose such size. Although size needs to be considered, there are two more critical factors. The first factor is price, and the second factor is configuration. The influence of these two factors is  large. Products with high configuration are naturally more expensive. This is an undoubted fact, but for buyers, if there is any doubt about these two factors, t he best way is to consider the configuration as much as possible, because in the long-term use process, the configuration of the touch all-in-one computer often has a greater impact on the operation of the touch.

If the configuration is not considered at the time of purchase, it is likely to cause such a problem, that is,  buying products with low configuration at a lower price, although it saves a lot in cost, but it achieves no corresponding function. Let's take the simplest example for comparison. If someone uses a 43-inch touch all-in-one computer to shop on a self-service terminal, although the cost of this machine is relatively high, its configuration is indeed quite satisfactory. Consumers shopping through such a machine only takes 1 minute to complete, because the operation of this touch all-in-one computer are very smooth.

Similarly, a cheap and low-configured touch all-in-one computer usually takes ten minutes to do business. In this way, there is no need for a low-configured touch all-in-one computer at all, because the labor service industry can achieve such a speed. So in any case, when purchasing a large-size touch all-in-one computer, the best way is to comprehensively consider various factors and give priority to the configuration. In this case, you will often buy relatively good products.

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