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What are the typical features of touch screen

by:Toponetech     2020-05-17
Touch screen touch screen on the market is everywhere, so why is it so popular? What are the characteristics of it? Let's see together with crown teck touch screen. A touch screen features: transparent, it directly affects the visual effect of touch screen. Transparent have the level of transparency, the technology of infrared touch screen and surface acoustic wave touch screen separated only a layer of pure glass, transparent are outstanding, other touch screen that is going to do some scrutiny, 'transparent', in the touch screen industry, is a very broad concept, a lot of touch screen is multilayer composite membrane, summed up in a little transparent only its visual effect is not enough, it should include at least four features: transparency, reflection and clarity, color distortion, could be more points, such as the reflection of including the reflection of the mirror and the reflection of diffraction, only the touch screen surface diffraction reflective haven't reached the degree of CDS, to the user, the four metrics is basic enough. As a result of the existence of pervious to light and wavelength graph, through the touch screen to see images of the inevitable produced the color distortion with the original image, feeling is just the color static image distortion, dynamic multimedia image is not very comfortable, color distortion and distortion degree is in the picture color nature is as small as possible. Say usually transparency is average transparency, in the picture is, of course, the higher the better. Reflective sex, is mainly refers to the overlapping images due to specular reflection light behind him, such as figure, Windows, lighting, etc. Reflective is the ill effects of touch screen, as small as possible, and it affects the user's browsing speed, serious when even unable to identify the image characters, reflective strong sex of the touch screen using the environment is restricted, the scene of the lamplight decorate also forced to need to adjust. Most reflective problems of touch screen provides another after surface treatment of models: frosted surface touch screen, also called anti-dazzle type, the price is slightly higher, anti-glare coating significantly decline, suitable for daylighting is very sufficient hall or exhibition place, however, anti-dazzle type pervious to light quality and clarity also will have a substantial decline. Clarity, add some touch screen, handwriting fuzzy, fuzzy image detail, the entire screen appears dim, see not too clear, this is poor resolution. Definition of problem is mainly the structure of the multilayer film touch screen, because of the thin film layer between caused by repeated reflection refraction of light, moreover anti-dazzle type touch screen with frosted surface also cause the loss of clarity. Clarity is not good, eye fatigue, also have certain damage to the eyes, the touch screen of choose and buy when should pay attention to. The second characteristic of touch screen, touch screen is an absolute coordinate system, which directly point to choose that, with the mouse such relative positioning system is the essential difference between a in place of feeling. Absolute coordinate system is the feature of every location coordinates has nothing to do with the last position coordinates, touch screen in physics is a set of independent coordinate positioning system, every touch of data through the calibration data into screen coordinates, so that this requires a touch screen coordinates, no matter under what circumstances, the same point of the output data is stable, if not stable, so the touch screen can't guarantee the absolute coordinates positioning, point, this is the touch screen is very afraid of problems: drift. Who cannot guarantee the same point on the technical principle of touch every sampling data of the same touch screen will drift this problem, currently has a drift phenomenon only capacitive touch screen. The third feature: the touch screen to detect touch and positioning, all kinds of touch screen technology relied on their respective sensors to work, and even some touch screen itself is a set of sensors. Their positioning principle and used by each sensor determines the touch screen response speed, reliability, stability and life.
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