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What are the types of touch display technology?

What are the types of touch display technology?


Touch display technology can be seen everywhere in human life, it can even be said that it has become a normalized technology, and its application is quite extensive. In fact, the touch monitor receives touch information through touch points, which is a new type of human-computer interaction technology. This technology breaks the shackles that traditional keyboards give humans to experience electronic products. Although the functions of touch display technology are similar, the types of touch display technology are still different. Next, let's take a look at the types of touch display technology with Shenzhen Kaiyuantong.

touch display technology

1. Vector pressure sensing technology touch screen

The way of working on the touch screen of vector pressure sensing technology is relatively traditional. Nowadays, many touch screens no longer use this technology, so this technology is gradually forgotten by businesses and replaced by newer technologies.

2. Resistive technology touch screen

Resistive technology touch display screens are used more in contemporary. This kind of touch display screen uses pressure to work. The use of resistance technology can make the touch display more accurate, and the touch display is made of nickel-gold coating. This nickel-gold material has a relatively long service life. However, although the nickel-gold coating has good ductility, the process cost is also relatively high, and the metal material has high conductivity, so it is difficult to achieve a uniform thickness, so it can only be used as a probe layer.

3. Infrared technology touch screen

Using infrared technology to touch the display has great advantages. Infrared will not be disturbed by current, voltage and static electricity, and it can adapt to relatively harsh environments. However, infrared technology also has its shortcomings, that is, the damage and aging of a single sensor, and if the touch screen is contaminated and damaged, it is difficult to use infrared technology. Therefore, the touch screen of infrared technology will be disturbed by light and flat surface.

4. Capacitive technology touch display

Capacitive technology touch screen uses the current of the human body to work, and capacitive technology can also obtain a more accurate touch point position. However, when the capacitive technology is affected by changes in ambient temperature, humidity, and environmental electric fields, the application of capacitive technology will be affected.

5. Surface Acoustic Wave Touch Display

The surface acoustic wave touch display has high definition, scratch resistance, and high durability. It can be responsive on the screen and is not affected by ambient temperature and humidity like capacitive technology. However, the surface acoustic wave touch screen needs to maintain the cleanliness of the touch screen. If it is stained with oil, dust, or other liquids, it will affect the use of the touch screen.

Each type of touch display technology is aimed at different usage situations. When everyone chooses, they still choose touch displays with different technologies according to their own situation.

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