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What are the teaching function of multimedia teaching touch machine?

by:Toponetech     2020-07-03
With the continuous development of science and technology innovation, the living standard of people more and more is also high, touch the all-in-one teaching also for people's work and life has brought a lot of convenient, in the market application is also very hot, can see it in every city schools. Below we take you to understand what are the function of multimedia teaching machine? 1, whiteboard handwritten function - — Touch whiteboard handwritten input, the use of infrared touch technology, handwritten break phenomenon without caton, experience a smoother than traditional whiteboard writing experience. 2, an eraser function - — Erase the support point, erase and erase all ( Cleaning operation) , and select the pen tool in a state of direct implementation erased by the movements of the gesture recognition. 3, multi-touch support - — Support at the same time on two or more images, audio and video, graphics object for scaling and rotation function, more support for more than three writing operation at the same time. 4, teaching resources - — With rich images, text, resources, multidisciplinary, custom resources and meet the demand of different courses, also can be called teaching touch all-in-one. 5, playback - — Supports single or multiple selected object playback, page playback operation, can be set playback speed. 6, support, Office software application - — Editing and presentation PPT, Word, Excel, save function notation and notation. 7, drag the freedom - — Free drag screen, can be written content will drag any screen area, after writing the content, in the blanks before writing the content can be dragged back to the original view. Crown teck teaching touch all-in-one professional manufacturers custom, has rich experience, meticulous workmanship, excellent quality, strict quality management system, perfect after-sales service.
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