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What are the structural characteristics of top one tech capacitive touch screen?

What are the structural characteristics of top one tech capacitive touch screen?


When we purchase capacitive touch screen, we usually choose a brand we can trust. Top One Tech is a company in Shenzhen, China with more than ten years of experience in capacitive touch screen manufacturing. It has won the support and affirmation of many customers with a good reputation. What are the structural characteristics of capacitive touch screen? I believe that many people have questions, and today top one tech will answer it with you!

The structural features of Shenzhen Top One Tech capacitive touch screen are as follows:

The substrate is a single layer of plexiglass, a layer of transparent conductive film is uniformly forged on the inner and outer surfaces of the plexiglass, and a long and narrow electrode is tapered on the four corners of the transparent conductive film on the outer surface.

Its working principle is that when the finger touches the capacitive touch screen, when the high-frequency signal is connected to the working surface, the finger and the working surface of the touch screen form a coupling capacitance, which is equivalent to a conductor. Because there are high-frequency signals on the working surface, when the finger touches, a small current is drawn at the touch point. This small current flows out from the electrodes at the four corners of the touch screen, and the current flowing through the four electrodes is proportional to the straight-line distance from the finger to the four corners. the controller can obtain the coordinate value of the contact point by calculating the ratio of the four currents .

10.1 inch touch screen

The capacitive touch screen can be simply regarded as a screen composed of four layers of composite screens: the outermost layer is a glass protective layer, then a conductive layer, the third layer is a non-conductive glass screen, and the innermost layer is a conductive layer.

The innermost conductive layer is the shielding layer, which plays the role of shielding the internal electrical signals. The middle conductive layer is the key part of the entire touch screen. There are direct wires at the four corners or four sides, which are responsible for the detection of the touch point position.

The top cover of these is either tempered glass or polyethylene terephthalate. The advantage of polyester is that touchscreens can be thinner and less expensive than existing plastics and glass.

The insulating layers are glass (0.4~1mm), organic film (10~100mm), adhesive and air layer. The most important layer is the indium tin oxide (ITO) layer, which has a typical thickness of 50 to 100 nanometers and a sheet resistance of about 100 to 300 ohms. The three-dimensional structure of the ITO process has a great influence on the capacitive touch screen, which is directly related to two important capacitive parameters of the touch screen: inductive capacitance (finger and upper ITO) and parasitic capacitance (between the upper and lower ITO and the display screen).

21 inch touch screen

The structure of the capacitive touch screen is mainly to coat a transparent film layer on the glass screen, and then add a protective glass on the conductor layer. The double glass design can completely protect the conductor layer and the sensor, with higher light transmittance and better support Multi-touch.

The above is the structural characteristics of the capacitive touch screen introduced by Top One Tech. When you understand its structural characteristics, you will find a small piece, which involves a lot of technology, and can also judge the quality of a touch screen. 

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