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What are the skills led display the heat release of how to improve

by:Toponetech     2021-02-04
How to improve the heat dissipation of led display, led display small make up teach you five skills in real life applications, to improve the led display heat not only can effectively improve the heat dissipation of the led efficiency, also can achieve the effect of energy conservation and emissions reduction, more conducive to increase the service life of led display. So how to improve the heat dissipation efficiency of led display? 1. As we all know, the fan cooling, we can add a inside the lamp shell longevity efficient fans help cooling, the cost of this method will be lower, and the effect will be very good. 2. Use aluminum radiator fins is a very common practice, we can use aluminum radiator fins as part of the shell, the aim is to increase the area of the heat dissipation. 3. By utilizing the air away from the fluid mechanics, the lamp shell shape, make the air convection, it is a lowest cost method of strengthening heat dissipation. 4. We can to make a heat treatment, surface radiation and radiation heat treatment on the surface of a lamp shell, a simple method is in the smear radiation heat paint, can be taken away from the lamp shell surface heat radiation way. 5. Heat pipe cooling, using the principle of heat pipe heat from led display chip imported into the shell of the cooling fins. Use 698 on a outdoor touch display the note how the next purchase led display led need to pay attention to
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