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What are the market advantages of indoor LED displays?

by:Toponetech     2021-05-10
The indoor full-color LED display not only has a novel and unique appearance, but also the area can be adjusted according to actual needs. When in use, the indoor full-color LED display can not only be used for the playback of various video programs, but also replace the past The advertising space of the fixed light box has been widely used all over the country. Let's take a look at the market advantages of indoor full-color LED displays. What are the market advantages of indoor full-color LED displays? 1. More energy-saving. Because the high-quality and durable indoor full-color touch display mainly uses semiconductor light-emitting diodes, which is commonly referred to as LED, because the LED itself is very energy-saving, the maximum power consumption of the LED under normal conditions is 0.06w. Therefore, making it into an indoor full-color display can give full play to its advantages in energy saving and consumption reduction, and this advantage is beyond the reach of other materials. 2. Thinner thickness and lighter quality. With the continuous improvement and development of industrial technology, indoor full-color display screens no longer use heavy iron boxes to make screen boxes, but adopt more advanced technology and greater intensity. , Aerospace materials with higher toughness are used to create the cabinet. Therefore, the current excellent-quality indoor full-color display has a thinner thickness and quality, which can effectively reduce the load on the building during installation. 3. Better dust and water resistance. The technologically advanced indoor full-color display uses the most environmentally friendly materials in the manufacturing process, and is manufactured through a special process, so it can ensure that the indoor full-color display module can be used without glue. It is waterproof and dustproof, and it also has a certain resistance to ultraviolet rays. Therefore, it can effectively protect the display and prolong its use. The above are some of the market advantages of indoor full-color LED displays. At present, there are many types of touch display screens. Although indoor full-color display screens are only one of them, the several market advantages they have are indeed very significant. Therefore, if the company needs to purchase to place indoor advertisements, or install fixed light box advertising spaces , Then might as well use this indoor full-color display.
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