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What are the maintenance methods for touch screen monitors?

by:Toponetech     2021-10-17
In this era of continuous technological development and innovation, people’s living standards are getting higher and higher, touch screen monitors are also widely used by people, public halls and even the streets of some prosperous roads, touch screen monitors provide a great deal for our work and life. Convenience also makes people more and more inseparable from it. The current cost-effective touch screen display is not short in life, but its maintenance is still worthy of our attention. The following describes the '4 Don't' maintenance methods for using the touch screen monitor. 1. Do not use the touch screen for a long time in a high temperature environment. Do not use it for a long time in the high temperature sun. When the surrounding temperature reaches 40℃, it will cause the capacitive screen of the touch screen to drift. This will cause the touch screen display to be directly scrapped for a long time. Or personally cause economic losses. 2. Don't let the strong magnetic field close to the touch screen display. When using it, you must avoid the electromagnetic field, because the magnetic field will cause the temporary failure of the capacitive screen (serious or even permanent damage). Pay attention to magnetic objects such as speakers and do not let them come close to the touch screen display. 3. Do not allow it to produce serious electrostatic effects. The electrostatic effect is easy to break down the capacitive screen. Although the glass on the surface of the capacitive screen of the touch screen display has undergone a certain antistatic treatment, it can only withstand static electricity under a certain strength, so when choosing a touch screen Pay attention to the protective film of the display screen, try to choose a protective film with strong anti-static ability. 4. Don't let oil stains and sweat touch the touch screen. Because oil stains, sweat, etc. touch the touch screen, they will form a dense conductive layer and cause the screen to drift. Therefore, the touch screen display should be kept away from oil and sweat. While electronic products are convenient to use, we need to take care of them in detail, and high-quality touch screen displays are no exception. Consumers should pay attention to the above four points when using the touch screen display, take good care of the touch screen display, so that the excellent performance of the machine can be fully utilized, which can extend its service life and reduce unnecessary economic losses. Rongguan touch screen monitors are customized by professional manufacturers, have rich industry experience, meticulous workmanship, excellent quality, strict quality management system, and perfect after-sales service. Welcome to inquire:.
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