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What are the key factors to be considered when purchasing an industrial touch monitor?

What are the key factors to be considered when purchasing an industrial touch monitor?


With the improvement of people's living standards, there are more and more application fields of touch monitors. In addition to commercial use, there is also a major use for industrial use. What factors need to be paid attention to when purchasing an industrial touch monitor? Below Top One Tech will give you a detailed introduction.

24"  industrial touch monitor

1. Service life

The service life is the first factor that everyone will pay attention to when purchasing an industrial touch screen. The length of the service life directly affects the market price of the industrial touch screen. The industrial touch screen we encounter in our daily life has a long service life. , often reaching more than 10 years.

2. Configuration

The degree of optimization of product configuration will also affect consumers purchase psychology. Everyone hopes to spend the least money and buy the best quality industrial touch monitor. Now the industrial touch display market is under great competition pressure, and manufacturers will continuously innovate production technology in order to reduce production costs.

3. Brightness

Many users will find that a common problem of industrial display screens is that the screen color is too dark, which will directly affect the use effect of industrial display screens, thus affecting the visual effects of video we watch, whether it is used in industrial or medical fields. Industrial touch display screens have different requirements for brightness.

10.4 inch touch montior

4. Is there waterproof protection?

We all know that the display screen is afraid of water. When the industrial touch monitors without waterproof protection encounter water, the equipment is easy to crash directly. When purchasing an industrial touch monitor, it is necessary to consider whether there is waterproof protection.

5. Is it suitable for long-distance viewing?

Whether the industrial touch screen is suitable for long-distance viewing is also very important, otherwise the impact on vision will be more serious. Although the size of industrial touch screen is different now, the setting and layout of the display interface and font must be user-friendly .

6. Heat dissipation capacity

When the industrial touch display is always running, if you touch it with your hand, you will find that its temperature is high, and some may even feel obviously hot. If the purchased industrial touch display needs to be kept on for a long time, you need to pay attention to the display the cooling capacity of this indicator.

When purchasing an industrial touch monitor, you can look for the brand Top One Tech, focus on high-quality products, and provide customized services for customers. The waterproof level is IP65. Each monitor has a very good heat dissipation capacity, full viewing angle, can satisfy customers basic needs.

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