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What are the industrial tablet common installation way

by:Toponetech     2020-03-17
Industrial tablet what are the common installation method? With the development of industrial control field more and more widely, more and more industrial application way of tablets, all walks of life way of application of Ann is also have difference. So industry tablet PC manufacturer for a tablet launched a variety of installation. At present the main popular card embedded installation, hanging ears embedded installation, wall-mounted installation, scaffolding, and unusual open installation method. Card buckle embedded installation method: embedded card buckle installation is currently the industry widely applied in the application of the tablet computer installation; Hanging ears embedded installation method: support planar capacitance screen, resistive touch screen, infrared touchscreen. At the same time support wall-mounted installation, scaffolding installation; Wall-mounted installation: the wall hanging is the most common. 75 * 75 or 100 * 100 hanging fixed screw holes in the wall and other objects. Scaffolding installation: desktop scaffolding, 75 cm base tilt 45 degrees, use multiple points of view; Less open installation method: application, based on the embedded frame fixed display. Below we talk about the common industrial tablets for the installation steps: 1, desktop support and wall-mounted installation: a, will base on the four seats behind the plate; B, base on the four hole location on the screw holes on the back of the display, on the screw. 2, card buckle embedded installation: a, placed industrial tablet in open hole rack in advance; B, industrial plate around 2 side each have two square hole, when installation card buckle parts fixed a much hole; C, card buckle on the screw head to resist cabinets, then screw nut screw in, the other three prescription hole again, can realize the embedded installation. 3, hanging ears embedded installation: a, the display one of the four surrounding wide screw removed, fitted with hanging ears, the screw on the screw; B, the remaining three hanging above the ear; C, place your display cabinet, let see only in front of the screen display area, and then give each hangers on the screw. 4, hanging installation method: after a, place the chassis body, according to the four screws at the back of the room on the screw on the screw; B, according to the four screw holes in the wall hanging installed hanging accessories; C, plate has been installed on bracket on the wall hanging parts directly into the wall hanging accessories. Industry tablet computers, monitors, embedded industrial computer in need can contact us.
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