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What are the indicators and main performance of capacitive touch screens?

What are the indicators and main performance of capacitive touch screens?


The performance indicators of the capacitive touch screen system can be divided into operating temperature range, power consumption, noise ratio, scanning speed, waterproof, ESD, anti-RF interference capability and packaging.

The signal-to-noise ratio is the core indicator. Most of the performance of the capacitive touch screen experience depends on the noise ratio. For example, the accuracy of the touch coordinates, the jitter size of the touch coordinates, the linearity of the scribing, etc. completely depend on the signal-to-noise ratio. According to the relationship between the touch screen and the display screen, the touch coordinate accuracy should meet the requirements of each pixel of the display screen. It can be calculated that the signal-to-noise ratio of the capacitive touch screen system is about 50 (34dB). The signal-to-noise ratio may also decrease when the system is in different environments.

There is no quantitative index for the ability to resist RF interference. There are only qualitative requirements. In a normal use environment, including GSM signals, CDMA signals, WIFI signals, microwave oven signals and these civilian wireless communication devices, they cannot interfere with the normal operation of the touch screen.

The scanning speed is defined as the speed at which the touch screen controller scans the touch screen. According to the characteristics of the touch button, a button exceeds 20mS. Then, as long as you scan once within 20mS, you will be able to scan the touch.

Waterproof is one of the touch screen properties. During the touch, our fingers sometimes sweat. Devices with capacitive touch screens enter hot places from a cold place, and the surface of the capacitive touch screen will appear foggy. Capacitive touch screens require normal use in these two situations. Therefore, waterproofing is very important, and the waterproof level must reach IP65.

For devices using capacitive touch screens, the working environment is very different, and the working temperature range must be wide. Otherwise, it will not be suitable for the work needs of customers. Generally, the operating temperature range of capacitive touch screen is -20℃-70℃.

The capacitive touch screen will age during use. The performance of the aging touch screen will decrease, and the capacitive touch screen system can correct the general aging and extend the life of the system.

The packaging should be anti-collision, shock-proof and moisture-proof to avoid damage to the touch screen due to collision caused by long-distance transportation.

Familiar with the indicators and performance of capacitive touch screens allow us to quickly judge how fast capacitive touch screens are, and apply them to different scenarios reasonably, to give full play to their advantages and bring better use efficiency. The capacitive touch screen of the top one tech is manufactured to ensure the highest performance, accurate touch human body induction, accuracy of up to 99%, and smooth writing without interruption and drift. It has strong compatibility, supports Windows XP /7/8/10 MAC, Android, Linux and other systems plug-and-play, is driver-free, is easy to use, and has strong applicability.

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