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What are the functions of the touch all-in-one

by:Toponetech     2021-10-22
The functions of the touch all-in-one are as follows, applicable but not limited to the following points. 1. TV function: ALL-FHD system full HD solution, support 19201080, 32-bit true color full HD display 2. Computer function: Internet access at 5, 10, 20, 30 meters away, and wireless keyboard and mouse can also be used, Wireless Internet access 3, touch function 4, karaoke function has KTV singing function, click and sing, convenient for entertainment. 5. Video game function: It can be used as a video game, directly using the touch screen instead of the mouse to operate the touch games such as Warcraft, Google Earth, w7 games. It can also be connected to handles, steering wheels, joysticks, and dancing mats for video games such as racing, shooting, fighting the landlord, World of Warcraft, Fantasy Westward Journey, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, etc. 6. Conference function: it can do conference lectures, plan plan explanations, remote video conferences, plug-and-play electronic documents, no need for extra equipment such as projectors, projection screens, computers, slide shows, DVD players and so on. 7. Environmental protection whiteboard function: write and draw at will, no need to erase, and it is environmentally friendly. You can write with a pen or hand, you can delete it at will, you can also store and record. 8. Projector function: The large screen 'Touch Vision' can replace the projector, play the large-screen display files, and the image is clearer. 9. Shopping guide function: It has shopping guide and guide function to give customers guidance to facilitate customers to find the products they need, and has additional functions such as advertising. With the input and editing of information, customers can self-check the information they need, reducing the cost of inquiring personnel. 11. Video surveillance function: It can monitor the security of the surveillance area, and arbitrarily call out the live video of each area for data analysis. 12. Picture-in-picture function: You can watch TV news while watching TV series, surf the Internet and synchronize with TV, and synchronize games with karaoke. Rongguan Optoelectronics Technology specializes in the production and wholesale of various types of touch all-in-one machines, touch all-in-one machines, advertising and publicity machines, teaching touch all-in-one machines, and wall-mounted touch all-in-one machines.
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