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What are the functions of the electronic class card integrated machine?

by:Toponetech     2021-10-29
In this era of continuous technological development and innovation, people's living standards are getting higher and higher, and electronic class cards have been used in general education, higher education, vocational education and training in China. At present, the second-generation lightweight electronic class card that has been innovatively launched is based on high-definition, interactive and data sharing applications, integrating timing display, touch query, wireless transmission, instant photography, camera photography, all-in-one card attendance, private campus cloud, Campus layout customization, general and branch school management and other functions, and based on hierarchical authority management, realize the self-management of class teachers and students, or a new generation of electronic class card system managed by the school, which is also very popular in the market. The following editor introduces the functions of the electronic class card. Basic functions of the electronic class card: 1. Public information display: time, weather forecast. 2. Class name display: display grade, class, and class logo. 3. Attendance record: It can be integrated with the campus credit card system to automatically display class attendance. 4. Notification information display: such as holiday notice, school news, class adjustment information, notice of missing objects, etc. 5. Announcement of the examination room: All classrooms will be centralized and networked to publish the name, number, examination time, and precautions of the examination room. 6. Class demeanor display: such as class activities, teacher and student demeanor, class meeting video, student speech, student evaluation, composition display. 7. Electronic course schedule: It can collect course information from the campus system in real time, or manually enter course information, including course name, class teacher, current course, next course, etc. 8. Touch interactive display: Students can check and browse the content in the class card through touch interaction, which increases the students' sense of collective honor and motivation for learning. For example, review of excellent essays, students' own photos, videos, campus self-organized websites, and so on. 9. Class attendance: automatically display the class attendance status, and the actual personnel should be present; the electronic class card is mainly high-definition display and interactive data sharing applications. Students can swipe their cards to check attendance, and the attendance data is transmitted to the management background in real time. Rongguan electronic class brand is customized by professional manufacturers, has rich industry experience, meticulous workmanship, excellent quality, strict quality management system, and perfect after-sales service. Welcome to inquire:.
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