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What are the functions and advantages of indoor LED displays

by:Toponetech     2021-05-10
Indoor LED display is very common in the digital age, adding a lot of gorgeous neon light and shadow to the world. The neon light and shadow of indoor LED display screens are loved by most people, which has prompted a certain demand for the market, making indoor LED display screens enter a new stage of development and rise to a new level of development. Indoor LED display with complete specifications is even more demanding, so what are its functions and advantages? What are the functions and advantages of indoor LED display screens? 1. The function of indoor touch display screens. Indoor LED display screens can display products in all aspects and multiple directions, and show the uniqueness of products more perfectly through the display of details. 2. Installing indoor LED displays in the store can improve the quality. 3. Indoor LED display has the function of lighting and can play an unconventional role. 4. It can be used to broadcast enterprise product information, related knowledge in the product industry, and play a role in popularizing awareness and thinking. 5. It functions as a bulletin board in the promotion or recruitment information release. 6. Welcome words and festive celebration words can be played on the display screen to enhance the atmosphere. 2. Advantages of indoor LED display 1. The indoor LED display screen can be adjusted automatically according to the brightness of the environment at different times and places, and the playback brightness of the LED display screen can be less than 60% of the ambient brightness, thereby avoiding light pollution. 2. The popular indoor LED display with multi-level gray correction technology adopts 14bit color display level in the control system. Let the color be properly refracted on the display level, thereby reducing the color hardness, so that people will not feel the color blunt when watching the LED display, and enjoy a softer picture, avoiding the discomfort of the viewer to the light. 3. Reasonable choice of installation location Indoor LED display has certain knowledge in viewing distance and viewing angle. The display area, viewing distance and angle need to be planned well in order to show a more perfect picture. There are many brands and models of indoor touch display screens on the market, but not everyone knows what they have. Through the above description of indoor LED display, I believe that many people can use its functions and advantages to give full play to indoor LED display, better promote product information, attract more target customers, and increase in a wide range. Earning points.
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