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What are the five keys to the choose and buy industrial tablets?

by:Toponetech     2020-04-06
What are the five keys to the choose and buy industrial tablets? Set the TV industrial tablet machine, computer, digital signage, multimedia audio, Internet service, beautiful appearance of industrial manufacturing technology, and so on functions and features. Industrial application is very extensive, tablet machine include: education teaching, commercial exhibition, meeting training, government agencies, and so on, convenient man-machine interactive operation, for businesses to bring more customers and profits, for the life brings convenient and wonderful. But industrial tablets are of variable quality. When the choose and buy is also very confusing, the choose and buy of industrial tablet what are the five keys? The following is give you some reference, hope you can help to you. A, according to the type selection of industrial demand tablet touch screen have different sizes, from 8 to 21 inches, when the choose and buy, undertake choosing according to demand, and the needs of the configuration, size, configuration is different, the price also is different. Second, choice of the LCD panel is very important a industrial hardware value of the larger tablet machine parts is the LCD screen, good industrial tablet must be adopt high specifications of the LCD screen at the core of the whole machine hardware. Three, the choice of the host configuration of host configuration and general industrial tablet machine commonly used computer configuration, basic is the motherboard, CPU, memory, and hard disk of several main plates, such as other industrial tablet configuration can be choose according to their own requirements, our company in this regard, with low power consumption, low calorific value, stable operation of industrial control computer. Four, touch technology cannot be ignored on market now a total of resistive touch screens, capacitive touch screen, infrared touch screen three commonly used types. Capacitance and resistance can't be a big size, the infrared touch screen can do small size, can also do big size, and touch the spirit is very high sensitivity and accuracy, easy to maintain, useful life is long, the infrared touch screen is very good, but should pay attention to distinguish between the infrared multi-touch and fake multi-touch. Five, the function of application the more the better industrial tablet machine integrates the function of TV, computer and display, and it is operated by touch instead of the mouse, keyboard, the computer can achieve the function, basically can do tablet machine, industrial tie-in and different types of touch tablet machine software, also can realize more features, application in school to teach, store display, query show meeting training, information query, the government, etc.
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