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What are the factors affecting the LED display quotation

by:Toponetech     2021-06-16
In addition to the colorful and dazzling effect on the appearance, the LED display has obvious advantages in its internal performance. It is smart and fast to operate and has a long service life. It can achieve dazzling playback of various contents such as videos, sudden pictures, and other texts. However, LED The quotation of the display screen makes many customers who love the LED display can only wonder about its high price. So what factors affect the quotation of a good brand and high-quality LED display? 1. Specifications Specifications are one of the influencing factors affecting the quotation of high-quality LED displays. According to different uses, LED displays have different specifications. Some LED displays are for outdoor use, while others are suitable for indoor use. Some are monochromatic, and some are dual-color or full-color. Each type of LED display has its own specifications and characteristics, which determines the price of LED display. 2. The cost of the enterprise is generally synchronized with the price. The price of LED display is directly related to the cost of the enterprise that produces the LED display. In addition to the cost of raw materials, the cost of the enterprise also includes the cost of enterprise management and employee salary costs. , Logistics and equipment costs and other expenses, etc., usually the higher the cost of the company, the higher the price of its LED display screen. 3. The impact of raw materials on the price of LED display is from point to surface. The chip, lamp beads, power supply, cabinet used in LED display and the materials used to make other accessories of LED display are points. LED display price is quoted. Yes, these points have a certain restrictive effect on the face. Generally, the higher the price of raw materials, the higher the price of LED display screens. The above is the three factors influencing the price of LED display screens introduced by the editor. When choosing LED display screens, you can check the above factors one by one. Don't be discouraged because the price of touch display screens is too high. Blindly buy with low quotation. High price is not the same as high quality, and low price is not necessarily synonymous with inferior. When choosing LED displays, you must not be complacent by the quotation.
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