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What are the environmental factors affecting the service life of LED display

by:Toponetech     2021-02-25
LED display screen in the outdoor display industry occupies the absolute leadership, outdoor display screen is LED display, in recent years the development of technology innovation in the small distance between LED display. Application orientation gradually expand to the interior. Its products have long service life, high brightness, high gray level, environmental protection, energy saving advantages. For LED display, its life can be divided into technical life, economic life, service life and life expectancy. The economic life of the product ( Also known as the value of life) , is according to the product of upkeep and depreciation cost to determine, usually refers to the minimum average cost, on the basis of product service life; Economic life used to determine the optimal depreciation period and the optimal timing of update; Technology products in technology is the life period of existence value, that is, from products began to use, to be technically more advanced new equipment replaced all the experience, technology by time is decided by the speed of equipment invisible wear and tear, in fact, generally only the LED display technology for three years; Life is refers to the products from be put into use to entirely failure time. LED display as a set of LED display technology, principle, computer vision technology, video technology, electronic technology in an integrated system, and can be divided into separate parts, each part of which has replaceability, so in actual use, the service life of the LED display is quite long, some even can reach tens of years. The average life expectancy ( Also known as the average trouble-free working time or MTBF) Refers to the time between two experienced, is a kind of statistical average value, the determination of MTBF value usually adopts the theory of statistics and experience statistics, the theory of statistics is based on the device, components and constraint conditions of the actual situation of the cumulative average data. Experience statistics is destructive records according to the factory or laboratory, cumulative average data. No matter use what method the change of the reliability of the product are regularly. 1, the influence of temperature on the product life any product during the life period and only under the condition of appropriate work failure rate is low, the LED display as an integration of electronic products, it is mainly composed of even have electronic components and other components of the control panel, switching power supply, light-emitting devices, and the life of the all these all have close relationship with temperature. If the actual working temperature exceeds the scope of the product, not only can shorten life, and the product itself can also severely damaged. 2, the influence of the dust on the product life to maximize prolong the average life span for the LED display, the threat of dust also nots allow to ignore. Dust in the larger environment, work, because the PCB adsorption dust, the dust deposition will affect the heat dissipation of electronic components, the temperature rise will lead to a component, and thermal stability decline and even produce leakage, serious when lead to burn out. In addition, the dust will absorb the moisture and corrosion of electronic circuit, short circuit fault. Dust volume is small, but the harm of products should not be underestimated. Therefore, regular cleaning is necessary, in order to reduce the probability of failure. When inside the clear display of dust, bear in mind that power off, careful operation. 3, the influence of the corrosive gas to product life humidity and salt air environment can cause the degradation of system performance, because they will intensify the corrosion effect of metal parts, also beneficial to the primary element, especially when no similar metal contact. Wet steam and salty air is another harmful effect on non-metallic parts surface formation cause insulation and dielectric properties of these materials degradation of membrane, thus the formation of a leak path. Insulation materials absorb moisture can also cause the increased volume conductivity and dissipative coefficient of materials. Humidity and salt air environment improvement methods include the use of the reliability of sealing gas tightness, moistureproof materials, dehumidifier, protective coating/block and reduce the use of different kinds of metal, etc. Reviews from the various environmental factors on the product reliability index can be seen that the influence of product experience in the process of life cycle of each environmental factor requirements during the design process into consideration. In this way can ensure a good environment intensity combination in the design of the reliability. Of course to improve the use of the product environment, for the regular maintenance of products not only can eliminate hidden problems in time, more conducive to improve the reliability of products, extend the average life span of the product.
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