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What are the effects of high temperature on the LCD touch monitor?

What are the effects of high temperature on the LCD touch monitor?


High temperature is destructive to the LCD touch display, and working in a high temperature environment is very unfavorable for the LCD touch monitor. In a suitable environment, the display screen has a protective function, and a suitable temperature environment is an important point for the display screen to work. The impact of high temperature on the LCD touch monitor has the following aspects, let's take a look with Shenzhen Top One Tech!

1. Devastating damage

In a high temperature environment, it can have a devastating effect on the LCD touch monitor, which also means that the entire display needs to be replaced. Generally speaking, the LCD touch monitor is encapsulated by silicone. When the temperature reaches a certain value, it will quickly affect the luminosity of the LCD touch monitor. When light decay occurs, the brightness of the LCD touch monitor will become lower and lower, the usability is not strong, and it may also cause short circuit or failure of the LCD touch monitor.

23.8 inch touch monitor aging test

2. Shorten the service life

As we said above, if the temperature reaches a certain value, it will cause devastating damage. When the temperature is high, but it does not reach a certain temperature, it will also have the effect of light decay. As long as it is high temperature, it will have a certain impact on the LCD touch monitor. When the LCD touch monitor is impacted by high temperature, the phosphor powder inside will produce light decay, which will shorten the life span, and it is difficult to repair. Even if the interior can still be used, the visual effect will not be clear.

3. Reduce luminous efficiency

Once white light appears on the LCD touch monitor, it is a result of low luminous efficiency, it may be because of the high temperature. In the high temperature environment, the built-in chip emission wavelength does not match the wavelength of the phosphor, which will cause such damage. Of course, reducing the luminous efficiency not only produces white light, but also affects the luminous efficiency of the LCD touch monitor if the performance of the silicone is affected by the high temperature environment. Under the influence of high temperature, the electron mobility on the light effect and the quantum efficiency in the LCD touch monitor may be reduced.

4. Affect the luminous wavelength

The luminescent wave is a part of the construction of the LCD touch monitor. The peak wavelength is the wavelength with the maximum light intensity. When the temperature rises, the forbidden bandwidth of the material will be reduced, resulting in a longer luminous wavelength of the device, so that the LCD touch monitor will appear on the touch monitor. What is shown is redshifted.

5. Limit the maximum injection current

When a certain high temperature is reached, the high temperature environment will limit the maximum current injected into the LCD touch monitor, which will affect our working environment. As a result, the display of the LCD touch monitor is deviated.

To sum up, proper temperature is the focus of the LCD touch monitor. When using the LCD touch monitor, we should also pay attention to whether our current environment is worth using. You must not easily think that the high temperature is no problem. Once the above problems are caused, it is unfavorable for the use of the LCD touch monitor.

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