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What are the determinants of the price of LED display?

by:Toponetech     2021-06-21
Outdoor LED displays are the most common outdoor display media in our daily life, and outdoor LED displays can occupy half of the outdoors. The demand for LED displays in Shijiazhuang, Guangzhou, Hefei, Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Chengdu and other places is increasing. Many businesses want to understand the determinants of outdoor LED display prices in the early stage, so they can make project budgets. The following is a list of the factors that determine the price of the touch display. I. The impact of specifications on the price of LED display screens. Here we only talk about conventional products. In terms of color, Hao Xie LED display screens can be divided into single color, double color and full color. From the use environment, it can be divided into indoor, outdoor and semi-outdoor. The price of each type of LED large screen is different. Indoor full color is divided into surface mount full color, and surface mount three-in-one full color. Dot matrix full color, outdoor full color is divided into 1R1G1B (generally high-density such as PH10, PH12), 2R1G1B (generally high-density such as ph16, ph20, etc.) 2. The impact of materials on the price of LED display materials, from The main categories can be divided into imported materials and national materials with light-emitting chips. The sources of imports are the United States, Japan, and Taiwan. At present, there are also some domestically-made chips. Each type of light-emitting chip has its own advantages and disadvantages. American and Japanese chips have always mastered core technologies. Under the background of similar monopolies, the prices of chips in the United States and Japan are not high. Chip prices in Taiwan and the mainland are relatively cheap, but their performance is still somewhat lower than that of chips in the United States and Japan. If the LED display is used in more important occasions, it is better to use imported materials. In addition to the LED chip, the main factor affecting the price of the LED display is the LED driver IC, but if I am a customer, I would rather Choose a better driver IC, because although it is a bit more expensive, the driver IC is a very important factor affecting the quality and life of the LED display. When making a full-color LED display, you must use a constant voltage and constant current driver IC, and other materials such as power supplies, cabinets, and various accessories for making the display. 3. The impact of the main supporting system on the price of LED display 1. System accessories: sending card, receiving card, adapter card 2. Play system: control computer, multimedia card or display, play software 3. Edit system: edit computer, video Compression card, editing software 4. Monitoring system: sensor + monitoring software 5. Protection system: heat dissipation system, power distribution system, lightning protection system. 6. Audio system: amplifier + speaker 7. Video input equipment: DVD/VCD player, video recorder, closed-circuit television 8. Graphic input: scanner, digital camera, the above accessories and equipment except for the system accessories and the playback system. It is an optional device, and the price of its LED display is naturally different due to factors such as brand and procurement channels. Fourth, the impact of construction factors on the price of LED displays is affected by factors such as installation location, installation method, screen size, frame structure selection and other factors. The project price of LED displays will definitely vary greatly, especially when making LED outdoor billboards. , Affected by the construction environment, the project price varies greatly. Other factors Payment methods, tax rates, transportation methods, and the manufacturer's own factors all determine the price of the LED display. For the specific LED display quotation, everyone directly contact the LED display manufacturer to communicate. The specific quotation is mostly based on the basic work plan. The more detailed the project, the more accurate the quotation, so businesses who hope to get more accurate quotations, You can make your own project equation carefully. More exciting, all on the official website of LED display manufacturers.
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