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What are the common problems in daily application in industrial touch screen?

by:Toponetech     2020-03-20
What are the common problems in daily application in industrial touch screen? Industrial development of touch screen technology, make its can be divided into various types, common are: capacitance, resistance and infrared lamp touch-screen, types of diversification also raises some problems. So, what are the common problem in daily application in industrial machine? How should handle? 1, if you are using a capacitive touch screen, at this point, we suggest that you use in times of seats ears when first installed correctly according to the requirements of the directions needed for capacitive touch screen driver, and then, in turn, click on the screen with your fingers start/procedures/Microtouch Touchware to run screen calibration procedures, calibration is complete, the system will automatically after the calibration data stored in the register of the controller, then reboot the system after it without calibration screen again. 2, pay attention to the water droplets do not drop on the surface of touch screen or other soft glue on the surface, otherwise the touch screen is easy to mistake that has caused surface acoustic wave touch screen is not allowed. When you clear the dirt on the touch screen, please use soft dry cloth gently clean, outward from the center to wipe. 3, in addition to ensure the correctness of the system software installed, you must also remember do not install in a host of two or two or more of the touch screen driver, it will easily lead to conflict when a system is running, so that the touch screen system can't normal use. 4, when you touch the surface acoustic wave touch screen, if the touch screen is very slow, it is possible that appeared aging old touch screen system, the internal clock frequency is too low, or because the touch screen surface is water in the mobile, in order to restore fast response, must to replace or upgrade system, or with a dry cloth touch screen on the surface of the water. 5, in the middle capacitive touch screen operation, to change the touch screen resolution or display mode, or to adjust the touch screen after the refresh rate of the controller, feel the cursor and does not correspond to the touch point, must be on the touch screen system for calibration operation again. 6, when using resistive touch screen, if discover the cursor up or only move in the local area, you can check to see if the touch area of the touch screen by other touch down. If is the cabinet casing pressure touch area you can up the cabinet and the distance between the display screen, if is the display case pressure touch area, you can try to try display case screws loosen a bit. 7, system changing the display resolution, adjust the screen size and time have appear click no or drift when installation, need to start the application in the positioning of the program, but everybody in the location, you should use a thin pen or fingertip to locate, this will be more accurate.
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