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What are the common faults of the LED display

by:Toponetech     2021-06-16
There will be various failures in the process of manufacturing or use of touch display screens. Based on years of experience, scientific and technological engineers have summarized the main reasons for these failures. I believe that readers who have finished reading this article will have a comprehensive understanding of the causes of LED display failures. Product quality is where LED display manufacturers need to improve. They should control the occurrence of failures from the source and improve the quality of LED displays. LED display screens have become a part of people's lives. There are all kinds of LED display screens of different sizes and shapes everywhere in the streets, alleys, squares and stations. It is a system engineering integrating optics, structural mechanics, electronics, and computer science. According to statistics, more than 80% of touch display failures are caused by the following factors: AC power distribution wiring harness, terminals, connectors, signal and low-voltage DC connection wiring harnesses and connectors, switching power supply modules, fans, and plastic shell components. If these interfaces, cables, power supplies, and bottom shells are not selected properly, the LED display screen will be black screen, blurred screen, mosaic, no signal, etc. in whole or in part. These are also very difficult to maintain, so we pay attention to them in the production process to reduce the failure rate. 80% of the remaining failures are caused by the following reasons: solder joints, capacitors, terminals, LED lights on the PCBA, water leakage and dust accumulation caused by insufficient protection level of the cabinet, corrosion of the hardware hardware of the leaking screws, and the control board card. These reasons will cause the LED display to have blind lights or highlight, one or more lines are not bright, lack of color, etc., if there is a problem with the control card or software, it will cause the image to display abnormally. The outdoor display must be designed in strict accordance with the testing standards, waterproof and dustproof, wind and high temperature resistance, otherwise it is prone to various failures, and even the entire LED display screen will be scrapped. In addition, the operator of the display screen should master the relevant basic knowledge and have good usage habits. Coupled with professional maintenance personnel, the failure rate can also be reduced to a certain extent.
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