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What are the classifications of LCD touch screens and what are the differences between them?

What are the classifications of LCD touch screens and what are the differences between them?


Liquid Crystal Display is referred to as LCD. It is a matrix display screen driven by thin film transistors, which stimulates liquid crystal molecules with current to generate dots, lines, and surfaces with LED backlight sources to form a display screen. Let's talk about the classification of LCD screens from multiple dimensions.

 the type of touch display characteristics of the LCD screen

1.According to the type of display characteristics of the LCD screen:

High-brightness touch display: The LCD display brightness is above 500cd/m2, which is suitable for display devices that need to be visible in the sunlight.

Full viewing angle LCD touch screen: With full viewing angle characteristics, it also has high contrast, color saturation and dynamic sharpness.

Wide temperature LCD touch screen: suitable for places with harsh temperature conditions, the working temperature and storage temperature can reach -30 to +85 , and the high temperature upper limit of some models can reach 85 .

Transflective and translucent screen: It has a prominent display effect for display devices that work under strong light, and has excellent reading performance in no-light and low-light environments.

the type of LCD pannel

2.According to the type of LCD panel:

TN LCD panel: the most basic and common display mode, with simple manufacturing, high transmittance and low cost.

IPS panel: excellent full viewing angle characteristics, dynamic sharpness, and color reproduction.

VA LCD panel: With its advantages of wide viewing angle, high contrast ratio and no need for rubbing alignment, it has become the first choice for large-size TFT LCD panels.

3.LCD panel type:

According to the interface type of LCD touch screen, the most common interfaces are RGB interface, SPI interface, MCU interface, MIPI interface, LVDS interface, and others include HDMI interface, TTL interface, STN interface, etc.

According to the driving mode of the LCD touch screen, it is divided into three types: static driving, simple matrix driving and active matrix driving.

According to the application field of LCD touch screen, it is divided into display fields such as home appliances, automotive, commercial, medical, industrial, instrumentation, and outdoor handheld.

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