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What are the characteristics of the ITO glass used in the touch screen?

What are the characteristics of the ITO glass used in the touch screen?


Nowadays, material life is developed, and TV sets are very common in every household. Everyone knows that many TV screens are LCD screens, but few people know what kind of glass is used for touch monitors. In fact, touch monitors use ITO Glass, which is made using a special methods. I believe many people want to know about its characteristics. Let's learn more about it with Shenzhen Top One Tech editor.

First, the craftsmanship of ITO glass

When ITO glass is made, professionals use magnetron sputtering to coat indium tin oxide (indium tin oxide is ITO) film on soda lime substrate glass. It is worth mentioning that the ITO glass used in the liquid crystal display is a special conductive glass, and silicon dioxide is added before ITO is plated during production to prevent the diffusion of sodium ions into the interior. If it is a high-end liquid crystal display, there is a special polishing treatment, and this method is used to improve the display effect of the liquid crystal screen.

Second, the characteristics of ITO glass

The production process of ITO glass is so complicated and includes certain chemical processes, so its finished products also have many characteristics, some of which are closely related to the daily maintenance, which are worth understanding.

Anti-alkali and not anti-acid

ITO conductive glass is resistant to strong alkali, but it is easily corroded by acid. When the LCD screen is made, the electrode pattern is etched with acid. So remember not to use acid in the daily maintenance and cleaning process.

High transmittance and conductivity

ITO glass uses indium tin oxide. When the thickness is several thousand angstroms, the transmittance of indium oxide is high, while tin oxide has strong conductivity, so the ITO glass used in LCD screen has high transmittance and conductivity.

touch monitor ITO glass

Not waterproof

Many people think that glass is waterproof, but the ITO in ITO glass has strong water absorption and is easy to cause mildew, so it is necessary to pay attention to moisture-proof measures during storage. Losses can occur if handled incorrectly.

The temperature increases, the resistance increases

ITO glass is composed of many fine grains, and the grains will split and become smaller when the temperature rises, thereby increasing the grain boundaries, and the energy lost when electrons pass through is more. Under normal circumstances,when the temperature is below 600, the resistance of the ITO glass will increase .

The above content is Shenzhen Top One Tech's introduction to the characteristics of ITO glass, including chemistry, physics, uses and other directions. I believe that reading it carefully can help many friends solve problems and learn knowledge. In fact, in addition to the above characteristics, ITO glass has high mechanical strength and is more reliable than other similar glasses in terms of practicality. Moreover, its production cost is low and it is widely used, which basically meets the needs of the current development of the industry, so there is still a lot of room for future development.

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