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What are the characteristics of the hotel LED display?

by:Toponetech     2021-04-16
The hotel touch display screen plays a very important role in the hotel industry. It can broadcast the latest hotel information and services to customers at any time, and its good visual experience and display effect are well received by users.   1. The design and research and development of hotel LED displays require economic refinement, and defects are not allowed in any link of production, thus laying a good foundation for the formation of high-end brands. 2. The hotel LED display is a full-color LED display, which is composed of RGB three-color LED lights. The touch display can display 36 different colors, and can also display various information in synchronization and real-time. And video content, such as TV, video, three-dimensional or two-dimensional animation, and can also broadcast live on-site in a timely manner, which is very convenient to use.  3. It is made of high-quality LED chips, the wavelength is very stable, the antistatic ability is strong, and the brightness attenuation rate is very low.  4. The packaging equipment is made of imported raw materials, which can guarantee the service life and quality, and everyone can use it with confidence.  5. The hotel touch display has a high-precision LED optical design, which can make the three-color far-field viewing angle display perfect effect, so that the screen can be observed from any angle, and the observation effect is good.  6. u200bu200bIt is made with standard processing technology. The lamps in each column and row can be guaranteed to be on the same horizontal line, and the picture can be clear and stable.  7. After a long period of use, it can still maintain the perfect picture, as well as sufficient brightness and white balance.
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