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What are the characteristics and advantages of the teaching touch all-in-one?

by:Toponetech     2021-10-30
In today's era of continuous technological development, with the arrival of a new generation of touch products, more and more electronic touch products have appeared on the market, bringing a lot of convenience to our lives and work. In recent years, the application of touch-control all-in-one in the market is very popular, and it can be seen in various industries. The touch all-in-one machine is a perfect combination of touch screen, LCD screen, industrial PC unit (commonly known as the host) and all-in-one shell, and finally touch operation can be realized through a power cord. It integrates computer, TV, touch screen, audio and other equipment functions in one, so it can also be called a touch computer TV all-in-one, and it is widely used in teaching, conferences, exhibitions, and inquiries. In the field of teaching, the application of teaching touch control all-in-one computers has been popularized in many schools and training structures. The traditional teaching mode is gradually being eliminated. The new multimedia teaching mode with teaching touch control all-in-one computers as the mainstream teaching application equipment is rapidly becoming popular. The entire education community. Below, the editor will give you a detailed introduction to the characteristics and advantages of the application of the teaching touch all-in-one machine? 1. Protect the eyesight of teachers and students: Use LED liquid crystal technology, LG Industrial HD A standard screen, high contrast, brightness, resolution, so that students can easily and comfortably see all the content on the large screen within 180 degrees, and improve the dark color of traditional LCD Degree and will not cause glare. 2. Smoother than blackboard writing: Using the most advanced and most cost-effective infrared true 6-point touch screen, there will be no disconnection, jamming, or drift in writing and painting. Like a blackboard, 6 students can write at the same time and save the content . 3. Simpler than computer annotations: When using word, PPT and other speech documents, Suosu's handwriting software is still applicable, so that the electronic whiteboard teaching all-in-one machine can directly write annotations on different pages when annotating, greatly reducing ordinary computer file annotations The complexity of the modification, and the handwriting touch operation is simpler. 4. The configuration is higher and more stable: All standard configurations are 27% faster than the products of the manufacturers on the market, and use the highly stable Intel high-frequency CPU, Gigabyte H81 computer motherboard, and you can enjoy it in software use or multimedia playback. To a pleasant sense of fluency. 5. A ten-year lifespan: No matter the infrared touch screen, LG LCD screen, desktop host configuration, aluminum alloy casing, and assembly manufacturing process, they are all 100% pure industrial design. Rongguan Electronics is a well-known professional manufacturer of teaching touch all-in-one machines in the market industry. The products are popular and purchased by users for their fashionable appearance, excellent quality, and powerful functions. Rongguan promises good after-sales: 7 One-day refund, 30-day replacement, and one-year maintenance-free. hotline:.
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