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What are the characteristic designs of touch monitors produced by Top One Tech

What are the characteristic designs of touch monitors produced by Top One Tech


In various industrial production control sites, a variety of touch monitors are needed as support. With its blessing, the entire information system will become more clear at a glance. In order to ensure the sensitivity of the work, the requirements for the response sensitivity of the touch mo are high, so its sensitivity and processing stability will be analyzed when purchasing. Then what are the characteristic designs of this high-quality touch monitor produced by Top One Tech?

18.5 inch open frame LCD touchscreen monitor (with external acrylic led bar)- TopOneTech

1. Modular design

The modular design of the touch monitor is not only reflected in the interior, but also on the exterior, for example, its disassembly, installation and maintenance are more convenient. The lines on the outside of the display are smooth and durable, and the card position design makes the touch more sensitive. With capacitive touch, the display effect is excellent under the high-definition color screen.

2. Low power consumption and stable performance

In order to reduce power consumption, touch monitor manufacturers have conducted long-term research to ensure that power consumption is reduced while stability performance is not reduced. Generally speaking, the life of the display is relatively long, and the high-speed solid-state drive also ensures data security. The power consumption of the device is also reflected in energy saving and power saving. Even if it is turned on for a long time, it will not consume a lot of power, so it is extremely well done from the perspective of saving resources.

21.5 inch touch monitor

3. Properly designed temperature control and heat dissipation

Because the technologically advanced touch display needs to work outdoors or in a high-temperature environment all year round, its heat dissipation design is different from that of ordinary touch devices. For example, many monitors use a three-dimensional heat dissipation system with temperature-controlled heat dissipation. When the heat is increased, the heat dissipation efficiency will be accelerated, so the speed of the display is guaranteed under special circumstances.

Moreover, the visual angle of the touch monitor can also be adjusted, which can make the visual experience more comfortable. It can also be used in various places that require security, such as the cash register can be smoothly connected to various devices.The industrial motherboard of the touch monitor is also stable in performance, and the overall metal cold-rolled steel design improves the life of the entire display, providing sufficient technical support for ultra-endurance work in various environments.

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