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What are the causes of industrial tablet computer often freezes?

by:Toponetech     2020-03-25
What are the causes of industrial tablet computer often freezes? 1, the virus that causes industrial tablet computer crash. 2, the machine speed too slow, cause crashes. 3, industrial tablet software Bug, leading to crash. 4, industrial tablet computer networking on the Internet, there are hackers, cause the crash. 5, errors, changed the system registry information, resulting in Windows system can't start. 6, running software conflict, such as 32-bit and 64 - bit software running at the same time may cause a crash. 7, chain System System DengZi directory files. Dll is missing, broken the Windows. 8, sometimes industrial display is not bright, sometimes enter the system after the crash, severe cases can lead to burn the CPU. 9, 7, 8 system needs to be part of the hard disk as a virtual memory, hard drives the remaining space is too small, can also lead to industrial tablet computer crash. 10, industrial motherboard, poor contact lead to loose, or industrial motherboard slot is broken, or simply display card, memory and other parts is bad, lead to industrial display is not bright. 11, work with ups and downs in voltage, resulting in current industrial motherboard, card or big or small, sometimes damage the hardware. So choose a can rise the voltage protection of power supply is very important, or adding stabilizer. 12, industrial tablet boot only heard di, di ChanShengChang sound, may be a memory problem, try a different slot, still doesn't work, can be a bad memory. 13, if industrial host running normally, but also a voice of hard disk to run, but industrial display is not bright, may be the industrial monitor is broken, or the industrial monitor line contact is not good or bad, it is possible that the industrial monitor power not advanced.
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