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What are the benefits of installing indoor LED displays

by:Toponetech     2021-05-13
In the digital age, has become a manifestation of the business empire, and of course it also adds a lot of neon brilliance to the world. The LED full-color display has entered a new stage of development, and has even risen to a higher level of development. It can not only display products in multiple directions, but also show the difference of products more perfectly through detailed display. The indoor installation of LED full-color display screens can also be upgraded to a certain level in terms of storefronts. We can also understand that it functions as a bulletin board. The display screen can also broadcast welcome speeches, festive celebrations, etc., and can also render a certain atmosphere, which is very important to the importance of attracting customers. The advantage of the indoor is that the product adopts the system to automatically adjust the brightness, which can adjust the brightness according to different times, locations and environments, and can make the playback brightness of the less than 60% of the ambient temperature. The LED full-color display can also avoid light pollution to a certain extent, and the existence of multi-level gray-scale correction technology allows consumers to enjoy a softer picture.
Low-priced LEDs may bring high costs to your future repairs
The project is a messy system project with a large investment, so customers are very worried about after-sales service. Recently, we have conducted inquiries on customers who have used LED displays for five years or even longer. It is very surprising that the display not only has perfect insight, stable and reliable quality, but also requires low protection costs. how can that be possible? The answer is simple: the details are perfect. For example, in the selection of PCB materials, many manufacturers choose 2-layer boards, tin-plating technology and non-flame retardant materials, while Hao Xie adhesive boards use 4 to 6-layer boards, gold-plated, and flame-retardant materials. Despite the increased cost, the screen display effect is better, the service life is longer, and it is safer and more reliable. Don't look down on a PCB, because bad data will cause virtual soldering, reduce the life of the large LED screen, and even cause a fire. Customers are the smartest. Low prices may bring high costs to future protection.
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