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What are the applications of touch screen?

What are the applications of touch screen?


When we have already known what a touch screen is, do you know where touch screens are generally used?

In fact, these scenes are closely related to our lives. In schools, shopping malls, banks, hotels, airports, casinos, hospitals, etc., touch screens are installed in more and more places.


Multimedia query terminal

Multimedia terminal inquiry machine, combined with the most advanced multimedia technology, is the fastest growing application field in the global touch market. The multimedia touch display terminal is actually a large-screen LCD display that can be touched, using infrared detection touch technology, so it has a large size space.

Now the sizes of mainstream multimedia touch display terminals are 42 inches, 55 inches, 65 inches, etc., because the size is large enough, the corresponding touch points can also be increased, and the touch points can be increased according to the size of the screen. Due to its size support and multi-touch features, this type of equipment is generally used in enterprise video conferencing, TV station broadcasting, multimedia teaching and other fields.

Sales terminal

Touch screens will soon become the preferred input medium. It is widely used in restaurants, fast food restaurants and retail industries. Most restaurant chains in the world use touch screen sales terminals. Advanced cash registers will also provide customers with coupons and discounts, allowing manufacturers to provide product promotion, interactive images to help product promotion, and collect data to help analyze buying trends of customers.


Financial transactions and ATM machines

Touch screens are used in many different financial applications, including financial transactions and cash machines. In financial transactions, touch screens are widely used in transactions, video calls, and data access. The touch screen is easier to enter the computer system in the trading transaction. In video phones, the touch screen is used to replace a large row of phone buttons. In the data access system, the touch screen is used for online data. Touch also replaces the traditional withdrawal button.


Industrial control and medical equipment

In the past ten years, the number of microprocessors used in industrial and medical equipment has grown rapidly, making the operation of such equipment more complicated. With touch instruments, the operator does not need to use the keyboard to input instructions. Input errors are reduced, training costs are reduced, and the touch screen saves space.

Gaming machine

Touch screens are widely used in game systems, such as video lottery, counter games and lottery dispensers. They are often set up in bars, restaurants and gambling and entertainment venues. There are multiple games to choose from on one machine, and users can choose other games without changing to another game machine. Many areas of the world with developed gaming industries are using touch screen devices, such as slot machines and roulette.

Smart phones and tablets

Now almost everyone has one touch phone and one tablet, whether its Android or iOS, it has a touch screen interface installed. The touch screen has become synonymous with smart phones. Although smart phones are small, the development of touch technology allows touch screens to be used on them, which greatly improves life and improves efficiency.


Of course, the above is only a part of the application scenarios, and the touch screen will also be applied to more fields.

Top One Tech Limited specializes in touch screens, touch monitors, and touch integrated computers. It has a history of more than ten years. The application of touch screens involves all aspects of life. We R&D, produce and sell large-size touch screens, retail terminal equipment, teaching equipment, and industrial control equipment , touch all-in-one computers, various models of advertising machines, etc.

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