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What are the applications in the industrial control computer in daily life

by:Toponetech     2020-08-28
The emergence of industrial control has more and more applied to the control in our daily life, although there are still a lot of people don't know it there, but people can experience the convenience of industrial computer to us, then we will give you a brief introduction, what are the applications in the industrial computer in daily life? Hold you close the universality of industrial and professional. Compared with the manual operation, industrial computer not only operation speed, and high precision. When dealing with the complex operation of modern science, industrial high-speed operation and continuous computing power, can realize many artificial difficult and can't solve the problem. At present, has been widely used in weather forecasting, earthquake prediction, such as high energy physics applications. For instance, when the weather forecast analysis, using artificial calculation, if we have to a few weeks time to predict the weather of the day. With the aid of industrial computer, even though the weather forecast in the next 10 days are only a few minutes to calculate, thus make medium and long-term weather forecast possible. Data processing is one of the original data collection, storage, retrieval, analysis, processing and transmission. Through the computer information management for data processing, has been widely used in transport management, technical information management, office automation, surveying and mapping mapping management, warehouse management, computerized accounting applications, etc. Highway toll system, the road, for example, the license plate capture monitoring such as intelligent transportation applications, is the collection of industrial control, by using operation, stable performance and the ability to deal with complicated harsh working environment. ( Recommend a embedded industrial control: TPCIPC - 100; Or android industrial PC: TPCIPC - 100). Industrial computer aided design industrial computer aided design is the use of industrial computer system aided design personnel for project or product design, to achieve the best effect of the design of a kind of technology. It has been widely used in aircraft, automobile, machinery, electronics, construction, light industry and other fields. The robotic arms control system based on industrial PC, for example, automatic guided vehicle control system, etc. Industrial computer aided manufacturing industrial computer aided manufacturing is the use of industrial control system for production management, process control and operation of the equipment. For example, in the process of product manufacturing, with industrial PC and motion control card to control the machine, processing the data in the process of production, control and processing flow of material and to test the product, etc. Process control is the use of industrial process control testing data in time, according to the optimal value rapidly to automatically adjust the control object or automatic control. Controlled by industrial computer to process, not only can greatly improve the automation level of control, and can improve the timeliness and accuracy of control, thus improve the conditions of production, improve product quality and qualified rate. Therefore, industrial process control, has been in machinery, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, textile, water and electricity, space, etc. Widely used in the production department. Artificial intelligence is the use of artificial intelligence computer simulation human intelligence activity, now the research of artificial intelligence have made many achievements, some have begun to practical stage. Driverless cars, for example, car networking and automation, which require high ratio of industrial control computer for data acquisition, processing, transmission, and other functions, has been in a car makers use of unmanned field. For example, A platform running on the computer case factory set production 80000 case A day, but the sensor data to inform, analysis shows that the computer output has fallen over the past two days, this information in A platform to inform and facilities to support men on A computer screen, according to which A particular machine, points out that even the machine damaged parts. Industrial computer has been widely applied in the numerical calculation, data processing, aided design and manufacturing, process control, artificial intelligence, and other fields, common to a set of numerical calculation for weather forecast, a license plate capture monitoring data analysis, a driverless car automation, etc.
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