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What are the application functions of the touch inquiry machine in the expressway service area?

by:Toponetech     2021-10-15
In this era of continuous technological advancement, the quality of human life is getting higher and higher, and consumers are becoming more and more curious about new things and eager for new colors in their lives. With the popularization of electronic touch products, the use of fingers for touch operations has gradually become a habit of people. The all-in-one touch machine industry emerged under this trend and developed rapidly. Various all-in-one touch machines are widely used in various industries. As a well-known large brand manufacturer of touch all-in-ones, the touch all-in-one products supplied by Rongguan Electronics are very popular among consumers in the market, with a market share of more than 60%. The products are widely used in many fields. The product quality and good service attitude have won high praise from users, and the repurchase rate has continued to rise. Next, the editor will introduce to you the functions of Rongguan’s touch query machine in the expressway service area: 1. Real-time release of traffic and road information and inquiries to inform travelers of the driving situation of vehicles on the expressway in time, such as the degree of road congestion, Traffic accidents, road closures or construction; query highway routes and fees, highway speed limits, etc. 2. Travel information release and query, and charge advertising fees. Take advantage of popularity and cooperate with nearby scenic spots in the service area, promote scenic spots advertisements to tourists, inform the route, print group purchase coupons, coupons, etc., and collect advertising fees from partner scenic spots. 3. Weather and driving civilized broadcasts provide weather conditions and forecasts for the expressway route area, and issue weather warnings to passengers when necessary; vigorously promote civilized driving to improve driving safety of drivers. Good convenience services make the passengers happy, and the government is wholeheartedly willing to make the people agree with them. 4. Service area introduction and investment promotion information Introduce passengers to all services such as refueling, dining, rest, car washing, etc., to attract tourists to spend here; send out the service area investment promotion advertisements to let merchants understand the advantages of the area through multimedia and data. As the industry's touch all-in-one manufacturer, the touch all-in-one products produced by Rongguan Electronics are very popular in teaching, conference, medical treatment, display, inquiry and other fields, and are constantly exploring new application markets. .
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