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What are the application fields of industrial TFT touch LCD monitor?

What are the application fields of industrial TFT touch LCD monitor?


Industrial touch monitor is an intelligent interface that connects people and machines through touch industrial displays. It is an intelligent operation display terminal that replaces the indicator lights of traditional control buttons. It can be used to set parameters, display data, and monitor equipment status. It is more convenient, faster, and more expressive. It can be simplified as a PLC control program. The powerful industrial touch display creates a friendly human-machine interface. As a multimedia with a new look, it is a very attractive new multimedia interactive device.

21 inch touch monitor

It can be applied in a wide range of fields.

1. Application case of medical TFT touch monitor.

Medical devices should have high contrast, high resolution, wide viewing angle and high quality LCD screen image display. LCD screens will also be required to have higher brightness when used in operating rooms, emergency rooms, ICUs, and other environments that use high-brightness lighting. The industrial touch monitor is stable and has high parameters, making it a better choice for medical equipment.

2. Industrial TFT touch monitor application list.

Industrial screens are usually used in automatic control equipment, industrial sites, mines, oil fields, testing equipment, etc. Most modules used in industrial integration workstations are 6 inches to 19 inches. Usually the brightness of the LCD screen is required to be above 300 nits, the LCD screen with wide temperature and 4:3 ratio, industrial LCD screen or desktop LCD screen is a better choice.

3. Monitor the application case of TFT touch monitor.

LCD provides a powerful information management platform for security monitoring system. By integrating key protection units, road information, monitoring information, police force configuration information, electronic maps, etc., multiple functions such as full-screen viewing and multi-screen browsing can be realized, and resources such as personnel and vehicles can be deployed.

4. Application cases of TFT lcd touch monitor in other fields.

(1) LCD  for ports, airports, subways, docks, highways, etc.

(2) LCD for financial and securities information.

(3) LCD for media advertising, commercial and product display.

(4) LCD for education and training/multimedia video conferencing systems.

(5) LCD for scheduling, control rooms and large broadcast/performance venues.

(6) LCD for military, government, city and other emergency command systems.

(7) LCD for energy security monitoring system.

(8) LCD for meteorological, maritime, flood control, and transportation hub command systems.

(9) Screens used in casinos, self-service terminals, ATMs and other equipment.

The outdoor application of touch monitor devices is also very common. Different from indoor normal and stable environments, the outdoor environment changes greatly, is more complex and harsh, and brings more challenges. For outdoor applications of touch display devices, dustproof, waterproof, explosion-proof, and sunscreen are required. At the same time, changes in temperature difference and light must be considered to slow down aging. In view of the actual complexity of the application, Top One Tech has gradually introduced touch display devices that are more suitable for the needs of outdoor electrical equipment.

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