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What are the application advantages of LED special-shaped screens?

by:Toponetech     2021-04-20
LED display screens are in a stage of rapid development and growth. Nowadays, the LED display market is showing great changes. In addition to the traditional information display and other functions, the requirements on the appearance are also further improved to make it better The overall structure and use requirements of adapting to the environment have resulted in LED special-shaped screens. LED special-shaped screens have higher requirements for research and development capabilities and production processes. Compared with conventional LED displays, LED special-shaped screens pay more attention to structural breakthroughs. At present, LED special-shaped screen modules mainly have fan-shaped, arc-shaped, circular, cylindrical, and triangular structures. Compared with conventional touch display screens, LED special-shaped screens are favored by users with special needs, and are currently mainly used in performing arts venues, outdoor media, exhibition hall squares and other environments. As LED special-shaped screens have different appearances and different structures, the technical requirements for manufacturers are more stringent. And more importantly, the circuit and structure design of the LED special-shaped screen is complicated, which puts high demands on the Ru0026D capabilities of manufacturers. The emergence of special-shaped modules allows LED special-shaped screens to have better styling capabilities. For a long period of time, LED special-shaped screens are realized by traditional rectangular flat module assembly or edging. The most common LED special-shaped screen is a large arc. Curved screen and flat circular screen. When the arc of the display screen is very small and the display form is more complicated, the seams and flatness cannot be solved well, resulting in inconsistent display, mosaic and other issues, making the overall effect of the display poor. In response to this problem, some manufacturers have developed special-shaped modules such as triangles and trapezoids, which can be assembled into a variety of regular or irregular geometric LED displays such as spheres, diamonds, gems, and stars. Classification of LED special-shaped screens LED special-shaped screens are special-shaped LED displays that are transformed on the basis of LED displays. They are different from the rectangular and flat plate-like shapes of conventional LED displays. They have different shapes, such as arcs, arcs, and flat panels. Surfaces, tetragonal hexahedrons, letters and other irregular shapes. Divided by shape, LED special-shaped screens are roughly classified into the following categories: (1) Arc-shaped display screen The display surface of the display screen is a part of a cylindrical surface, and the expanded view is a rectangle. (2) Irregular display screen The display surface of the display is an irregular plane, such as a circle, a triangle, or a completely irregular plane. (3) Curved display screen The display surface of the display screen is a three-dimensional curved surface, such as a spherical screen, a polyhedron screen, and a sky screen. (4) The display surface of the strip screen display screen is composed of several display strip molds, and this type of display screen has a large dot pitch, high permeability and low contrast. LED Spherical Screen LED Spherical Screen has a 360-degree full viewing angle, which can play videos in all directions, and you can feel good visual effects at any angle without the problem of flat viewing angles. At the same time, it can also directly map spherical objects such as the earth, football, etc. to the display screen according to the needs, which makes people feel vivid and is widely used in museums, science and technology museums, and exhibition halls. There are currently three types of spherical screens on the market: 1. Watermelon skin ball screen: The first ball screen on the market, commonly known as the watermelon skin ball screen, is composed of watermelon skin-like PCBs. Its advantage is that it is convenient to manufacture. The shortcoming is that the North and South poles (or north of 45 degrees north latitude and south of 45 degrees south latitude) cannot play images, so the picture utilization rate is too low. 2. Triangular ball screen: A ball screen composed of a flat triangular PCB, commonly known as a football screen, overcomes the shortcomings of the watermelon peel ball screen that the north and south poles cannot play images, and the screen utilization is greatly improved. The disadvantage is that there are many types of PCBs, and the pixel pitch is restricted by the honeycomb arrangement, and the dot pitch cannot be less than 8.5mm. Therefore, software writing is also troublesome, and the technical barriers to entry are too high. LED signs are assembled with special LED modules of different specifications, which are not limited by the size of the screen, and can be flexibly assembled into text, graphics and LOGO that customers need. They are used on the roofs of buildings, well-known enterprises, bank securities, and municipal governments. Construction, landmark buildings, etc., can enhance the commercial value of an enterprise. The emergence of LED special-shaped display screens broke the large-screen splicing system that can only be spliced u200bu200binto a cold rectangular shape. It can be spliced u200bu200binto various irregular shapes at will to display some highly creative content, which can not only attract the audience in the first time. The eyeball thus achieves a better publicity effect, and at the same time it better expands the application range of touch display splicing.
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