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What are the advantages of touch all-in-one PC

by:Toponetech     2020-05-22
According to related department statistics, at present there are more than 20 million national users of the projector, both in teaching and business now, the wider use of the projector, but many users were in the use of the projector, not in the form of more intuitive, clear and computer system to realize the interaction is a kind of regret. However, the application of touch all-in-one made up for the regret. We can see clearly through comparing, touch all-in-one not only has traditional projector can achieve all of the features, and perfect to make up for the shortcomings in the using process of the projector. The first on the one hand, touch all-in-one simplifies the school multi-media teaching equipment configuration, or is the company's training meeting. Before the needs of the projector + + projector, notebook, switched machine now only need a touch all-in-one multiple functional requirements can be achieved. The second aspect: from the cumbersome wiring, touch all-in-one you just need to a power supply cable, now touch all-in-one basically support wifi function. Install and use efficient, reducing the installation and maintenance costs. Third aspect: touch all-in-one appearance generous concise fashion, simple operation, and long service life, relative to the projector super low use cost. Traditional projector, the product the good and bad are intermingled, use after a period of time, need to change the bulb of the projector or display, each replacement costs about 2000 yuan to 6000 yuan, increased in later use cost. Touch the all-in-one life 50000 hours, and other later use cost little. 4 aspects: touch all-in-one functional integration, human-computer interaction, the function of touch all-in-one PC is set the electronic whiteboard software, computer, TV, integration of the host, display, speakers, quite convenient. Touch all-in-one healthy environmental protection, safe and reliable: zero radiation, low power consumption, no noise, is beneficial to protection glasses and physical health; TV display mode, avoids the harm of the projector light shooting glasses directly, make teachers and students from chalk dust pollution. Ultra high definition, high brightness, education all-in-one picture definition is 4 - of the projector 5 times, even in the sun can enjoy the clear picture, put an end to the curtain 'dark ages' in the class. Screen through special processing, scratch resistance, corrosion resistance, easy to clean, impact resistant, light screen the counter-attack, scattering technology; Display is not affected by light, infrared, etc.
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