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What Are the Advantages of Touch All-in-One Computer

What Are the Advantages of Touch All-in-One Computer


Touch all-in-one PC is a computer that integrates the host, touch screen and LCD, and can start to work with a power cord. Broadly speaking, the touch screen computers and tablet computers we use in our lives also belong to a kind of touch all-in-one computer, but the touch all-in-one computer refers more to the interactive display computer used in business. 

Advantages of Touch All-in-One Computer

It combines computer technology, multimedia technology, audio technology, network technology, industrial modeling art, mechanical manufacturing technology, streamlined integrated design. It has powerful and practical performance! No matter where you go, you only need to touch the screen lightly with your fingers, and the information you need will be presented.

Because of its convenience, touch all-in-one computers are often used in shopping malls, hotels, cinemas, schools, stations, airports and other public places.

The application of the touch all-in-one computer is so extensive, the most important of which is its touch function, and the user touches the screen as the main operation method. Because of the continuous breakthroughs in technology, no matter how large the size of the touch all-in-one computer is, it still maintains its sensitivity, and there is no need to worry about delays when using it. The touch all-in-one computers can work smoothly with any object to touch it, it is easy to realize handwriting and drawing functions with fingers or pen points.

The advantage of the touch all-in-one computer over other computers is that it is very convenient and fast. First of all, there is no separate structure between the host and the display screen, and the feature that it can be started with only one power cord makes the installation of the touch all-in-one computer very simple and suitable for use in public places. Secondly, there are no complicated operating procedures and keyboard input for the touch all-in-one computer, so even people who do not know how to use the computer can easily operate it.

Touch All-in-One Computer

As a touch device that has just become popular, the touch all-in-one computer has the advantage of being able to express clearly and is convenient for users to use. When it comes to the functions and types of touch all-in-one computers, there are many types of touch all-in-one computers, such as jukebox in KTV, number picking machines in banks, and touch screen advertising machines in shopping malls.

Top One Tech is a manufacturer of touch screens, touch monitors and touch all-in-ones. Currently, it has provided products and services to customers in more than 30 countries and regions abroad, and are highly praised by overseas customers.

capacitive touch screens

Touch all-in-one computer has the following features:

1. High-definition display, vivid colors

Full HD resolution 1920*1080 LCD panel, with full viewing angle, high contrast, high brightness, it can intelligently eliminate distortion phenomena such as residual image, ghosting, etc., making the display screen clearer, stable, and more vivid.

2. Source factory, quality assurance

The screen adopts industrial-grade LCD panel, brand new A-standard panel, the material is light and not breaks easily. High-frequent touches, long service life.

3. Exquisite appearance

The outer shell is protected by toughened glass, high-end aluminum alloy frame, and metal back shell, which can realize active heat dissipation. Appearance design with unique arc trimming process.

4. Humanized design, simple maintenance

(1) Built-in industrial motherboard, low power consumption, good heat dissipation and stable performance

(2) The computer is powered on and starts automatically, eliminating the tedious switch operation

(3) There are maintenance windows for all main accessories to facilitate after-sales maintenance

5. Smart touch, smooth writing

Mature integration and use of capacitive touch screens technology, with excellent performance of fast response, anti-glare, drive-free, plug-and-play, and can support handwriting recognition input very smoothly

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