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What are the advantages of the conference touch all-in-one?

by:Toponetech     2021-11-04
With the increasing progress of touch technology, the application of electronic touch devices in life and work has become more and more extensive, and they can often be seen in many places in various industries. Devices such as chalk, blackboards, or handwriting boards used in traditional conference training have been gradually eliminated because they cannot keep up with the trend of the times and cannot meet application needs. Nowadays, a new generation of electronic touch' target='_blank'>touch all-in-ones, has become the mainstream application equipment for conference training. So, what brand does the conference touch all-in-one choose? The editor recommends the Rongguan touch all-in-one for everyone. From the following three advantages, you can understand the Rongguan conference touch all-in-one: 1. Convenient for writing and remote operation. The Rongguan touch all-in-one uses multi-point infrared touch technology, which can be realized on the basis of customization according to user habits. Many people write at the same time to improve the interaction of employees; interactive writing on the window view can be freely zoomed in, zoomed out, and rotated, making presentations easier and more convenient. What's important is that it gets rid of the drawbacks of traditional notebooks and projections. It can write and mark online in real time, making meetings more convenient, fast and efficient, and it can process information in a timely and effective manner to help leaders and customers achieve rapid decision-making. At the same time, the All-in-One Touch All-in-One PC can also realize the function of sending on the same screen, sending the data on the mobile phone or computer to the large screen on the same screen, or downloading the data on the same screen. 2. The new experience of office computer The Rongguan Conference touch all-in-one machine adopts Android and Windows dual system operation, which can be switched with one key without external interference. When switching to the Windows system, you can install Office software and professional meeting interactive software, write, modify documents, PPT and save on it, which is not only familiar and convenient like using a computer or tablet, but also smarter and faster, improving the efficiency of the meeting. When switching to the Android system, any APP can be installed like a smart phone to meet the diverse needs of participants. 3. Active training atmosphere Rongguan touch all-in-one machine can play dynamic videos and files during the break time or class time, which can arouse the enthusiasm of the training personnel. The Rongguan touch all-in-one machine uses LG original panel with 178° visibility. Angle, no matter where you sit in the classroom, you can clearly see the content displayed on the screen. Rongguan Electronics is a professional manufacturer specializing in Ru0026D and production of large-size touch all-in-one machines. It has rich industry experience, meticulous workmanship, excellent quality, strict quality management system, and perfect after-sales service. Welcome to inquire:.
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