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What are the advantages of choosing OCA optical bonding industrial touch monitor

What are the advantages of choosing OCA optical bonding industrial touch monitor


As we all know, the common touch monitor bonding methods on the market are divided into two methods: full bonding and frame bonding. Among them, the optical touch monitor is the choice of many customers.

What is OCA:

OCA (Optically Clear Adhesive) optical adhesive is one of the raw materials of the touch screen. By making the optical acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive without substrate, and then sticking a layer of optical release film on the upper and lower bottom layers to make a double-sided adhesive tape, it is a double-sided adhesive tape. A kind of double-sided adhesive tape without matrix material, which has the advantages of high cleanliness, high light transmittance, low haze, high adhesion, no crystal points, no bubbles, water resistance, high temperature resistance, UV resistance, etc., and its thickness is with high uniformity and flatness, close to the refractive index of glass, PC, PMMA, long-term use will not cause problems such as yellowing, aging, fogging, separation from the adhered surface and bubbles.

Features of the fully fitted monitor:

The optical display screen is to completely paste the protective glass, touch screen, and display screen together in a seamless manner, omitting the air layer between the display screen and the touch screen, making the screen thickness thinner. The visual effect is perfectly presented, the appearance is more beautiful, the probability of gray entry is reduced, the picture is more transparent, the display effect is enhanced, and the screen is made thinner. In this way, the full fit is more in line with aesthetics and practicality. However, the full-fit technology has a low yield rate, relatively expensive construction cost, and once damaged, the entire screen needs to be replaced.

optical bonding 15 inch industrial touch monitor

Good quality OCA can achieve the following effects:

1. The display effect is good. The full lamination technology eliminates the air between the screens, which can greatly reduce light reflection, reduce the loss of transmitted light, improve the brightness, and enhance the display effect of the screen.

2.the noise interference is small. In addition to improving the strength of the touch screen and the display panel, the full lamination can effectively reduce the interference caused by noise to the touch signal, and improve the smoothness of the touch operation.

3. The body is thin, and the optical screen has a thinner body. The touch screen and the display are bonded by optical glue. The thinner module thickness provides greater flexibility for the design of the whole machine structure, and the thinner body Improve product quality and demonstrate technical content.

4. No dust and water vapor, the air layer of the ordinary lamination method is easily polluted by the dust and water vapor in the environment, which affects the use of the machine, while the full lamination is attached by the OCA laminating machine, the OCA glue fills the gap, and the display panel and the touch screen are closely attached together, dust and water vapor have nowhere to enter, maintaining the cleanliness of the screen.

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