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What are the advantages of choosing capacitive touch screen full lamination technology?

What are the advantages of choosing capacitive touch screen full lamination technology?


Full lamination, also known as non-airgap, is a seamless bonding of the touch screen and the display panel with water glue or optical glue in the entire window area. It is widely used in the bonding between the Coverlens and the TP board, the bonding between the TP board such as OGS and the LCM in G+G, G+F, P+G and other structures.

Compared with the traditional frame sticking method, it has the following advantages:

touch screen OGS

1. Better display effect

The full-fit technology eliminates the air between the screens, which can greatly reduce light reflection and reduce the loss of transmitted light, thereby increasing the brightness and enhancing the display effect of the screen.

2. The screen is isolated from dust and water vapor

The air layer of the ordinary lamination method is easily polluted by the dust and water vapor in the environment, which affects the use of the machine; while the full lamination OCA glue fills the gap, the display panel and the touch screen are closely attached, and the dust and water vapor have nowhere to enter, keep the screen clean.

3. Reduce noise interference

The close combination of the touch screen and the display panel can not only improve the strength, but also can effectively reduce the interference caused by noise to the touch signal, and improve the smoothness of the touch operation.

touch screen on-cell & in-cell

4. Make the body thinner

The fully laminated screen has a thinner body, and the touch screen and the display are laminated using optical glue, which only increases the thickness of 25~50μm; it is 0.1~0.7mm thinner than the ordinary lamination method. The thinner module thickness provides greater flexibility for the structural design of the whole machine, and the thinner body improves the product quality and highlights the technical content.

5. Simplify assembly

The assembly of the fully fitted module and the whole machine can be directly fixed by means of snaps or locking screws, which reduces the assembly problems caused by the fitting deviation, and at the same time, simplifies the assembly process and reduces the assembly cost.

Therefore, it is the incomparable advantages of full-fit technology that make major manufacturers compete for it; however, it is easy to adopt full-fit product structure in design, the realization of a set of scientific, suitable, high-yield, and low-cost process and equipment  is not very simple; it is very important to choose a suitable equipment solution to complete the process realization according to the raw materials, the characteristics and differences of the materials, the difference in size, and the difference in the design scheme.

Looking at the overall situation, the touch screen and panel structure process technology is changing rapidly. Top One Tech relies on full-scale technical support, years of full-lamination process precipitation and lamination technology, especially full-lamination, which has a steady occupation in the market and stands out; the future market space is very large. Large, full-fit market prospects are considerable, and high-precision full-fit is the backbone of the development of touch screens.

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