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What are raw materials for touch display production?

In the touch screen manufacturing process, high-quality materials and modern technology are applied. Raw materials vary by project. The first step in a process is usually the most important. Therefore, manufacturers in this industry pay high attention to raw materials. Variations in the quality of the raw materials used in the manufacturing process often result in changes in the characteristics of the final product.

The touch screen manufacturing process involves the full use of raw materials. Their quality plays a decisive role in product quality as their characteristics influence the functions of the finished product. Therefore, the manufacturers of such products should be borne in mind to examine the materials in a careful and strict manner.

A method for touch screen manufacturing process that deposits a conductive layer or coating directly onto a surface of a sheet or ribbon or roll of thin glass material. The coated thin glass material may be cut to the desired shape or substrate for use as the outer, thin glass substrate of the touch screen device.

Presently, the most common material used in touch panels is indium tin oxide (ITO), which is quite challenging to work with. Chemical vapour deposition is used to deposit ITO on substrates, which can be quite costly for large area substrates. But This product does no harm to our environment. In touch screen manufacturing process, it can be recycled, reprocessed, and reused for many times, which helps reduce waste pollution. It is easy to wipe off dirt, fingerprints, oil stains, etc. on it.

Every touch screen manufacturing process such as epitaxy wafer, chip producing and encapsulation are paid close attention. Thus it is brought out with the fine quality and high luminous efficiency. It is easy to install and maintain. 

Top One Tech Ltd. is a hi-tech touch screen display manufacture integrating R&D, production and sales which is specialized in touch screen manufacturing process. Toponetech produces a number of different product series, including roulette display. Toponetech elo touch has been seriously tested. Its properties such as strength, ductility, and toughness are all verified by these tests. Its high panel technology guarantees excellent color reproduction.  Toponetech has prepared people working the front lines to deal with customer service issues. It can be locked to prevent tampering. We have made progress in reducing waste gases, polluted water, and conserving resources.    



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