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What are led display screen display control card type

by:Toponetech     2021-03-09
LED display control card is the core parts of the screen is equal to the computer's CPU. From the computer serial port or usb drive to receive information, placing frame memory, according to the partition method of generating the serial display data needed for the LED display and scanning sequence control. LED display screen is transcoding play through it. LED display control card can be divided into single and double, colorful color control card, control card, full color control card three main models: LED display control card different manufacturer production model is different also. We just need to know is that brand, corresponding to this brand is what type is ok. Can say so long as can find phase control card software. Here are some common types of manufacturer, as a sign of sporadic rain has the newly-modified LSY and LINSN, ZhongQing ZQ letters, market with more about BX, useful, EQ, LINSN, KALAITE, LINXING, FEIDU, DEPUDA, liyan, etc. How to check the control card type if the computer control software, can through online search software to find the name of the company, call their technical support to help you solve. If there is no software, can oneself to the front of the screen after the left side or screen right to find the control card, there must be some type of above, write it down, to search the Internet. 101 on a piece of LED display control card can bring how many boards under a LED display perspective is what mean? When you buy
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