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What are industrial application scope and characteristics of the tablet

by:Toponetech     2020-04-05
Industrial tablet is the tablet used in industrial control, the machine performance is better, with the performance of the common business computer market. And civilian tablet difference between internal hardware, most products aimed at the industry choice is industrial motherboard, most are for special custom industrial control fields, wide temperature fitness is good, can meet the requirements of all kinds of bad environment. The difference between it and the commercial motherboard lies in the mass production, product model is more stable. Can see, the price of the tablet computer industry more civil tablets also price is high, the other is the RISC architecture. Industry demand for single is simple, the performance requirements is not high also, but the stability is very good. With commercial machine performance is getting better and better, many industrial field have begun to use cheaper commercial machine, and the commercial machine market is changing so much, people began to tend to be more humanistic touch tablet. Therefore industrial site, with the function of touch tablet computer will be the future trend of industrial touch tablet is a kind of industrial control, and its advantage in comparison to ordinary industrial control has the following points. 1, industrial touch-screen tablet computer volume is small, very easy installation and maintenance. 2, industrial touch-screen tablet computer most of the front panel is made of aluminum and magnesium alloy die-casting forming, the front panel to NEMA IP65 protection class. Solid, durable, and lighter in weight. 3, using currently popular touch function, can simplify the work, the more convenient, more human. 4, most industrial touch tablet fanless design, use of large area of finned aluminum radiator, less power consumption, noise is small. 5, industrial touch tablet is all-in-one structure, host, LCD monitor, touch screen, the stability is better. 6, good appearance, wide application. In fact, the industrial and commercial computer machines have complement each other. They have different application domains, but influence each other, promote each other, embodies the progress of science and technology. Industrial application field of tablet: do family service terminal 1, upscale community, realize the intercom, query messages, cost, ordering goods, household appliances management, the temperature and humidity control, etc. 2, used in telecommunications, electric power, multimedia, national defense, automation equipment, manufacturing industry in various fields, such as led number is used as man-machine interface, thin client, PLC communication and control terminal and POS). 3, in the industrial field can be embedded into the machine, rack or in operation stage, make the man-machine operation interface display. 4, Banks, shopping malls, hotels, railway stations, bus stations, parks and other public places to do media ( Advertising) Player or query terminals. 5, digital hospital to do the head of a bed service terminal and outpatient service terminal, improve services for and management of the hospital. From what has been discussed above, it is about the industrial characteristics and application range of the tablet, if you want to know about our products, please contact our online customer service, we will serve you wholeheartedly!
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